Chinese nternet entrepreneurs need to understand the habits of the people

is perhaps the geographical and historical reasons, Chinese always have some special habits, nature of Confucianism for thousands of years, has made today Chinese almost no religion, and foreigners, almost everyone has faith, Islam, Buddhism, Christianity and so on. If people think that religion is a superstition, ignore it. Without faith, but also by the Confucianism has led to, people will make money humanity, justice and morality, hypocrisy, such as whether to eat dinner, please do not want to ask, are fighting for their own money to pay, but foreigners will be AA. The establishment process network know a friend in Malaysia, because the relationship between religious fasting, was China fasting with friends laugh at, in the name of religion, in fact it is on human willpower, control exercise, quit smoking or lose weight if ever before, it is clear what is will power. This is part of religion.

Chinese custom and the custom of foreigners, there are human nature, nature is a part of their own so that others will think so, for example, your seat on a bus, others will be in your old seat. Foreigners are willing to pay for the copyright, but also that Chinese people pay for copyright.

this led directly to the most foreign Internet companies to enter the China when the gray in a threatening manner, then frustrated, and then help the bastard calf three excessive China behind ridicule is wood louse.

The key to the success of

360 is free. The first accumulation of funds, the key is rogue software. This is in the foreign Internet, it is impossible to imagine, anti-virus software is completely heavy R & D personnel, pay is reasonable. Rogue software like viruses, blocked by universally condemned is also should, but these should be in the China only say NO.

Chinese people like everything free of charge, the software to crack, watching the movie is a seed, reading books is also free of charge, which makes the rapid rise of Baidu library and Baidu MP3 to create a solid environment.

eBay’s failure is anti China in the opposite direction, even shop charges, you let Chinese bear how so? 06 years Taobao niubable Winky said, I am 3 years free, then added free forever! Chinese is crazy, fuck eBay, Taobao I love you. The result? EBay dingy calf, behind the laughter it was ma Chinese called it wood louse, do not understand the situation. Today? Taobao began to guide traffic to Tmall, the shop is still free, fees for value-added services everywhere, do not spend money to do value-added services, then you did not open the shop and the distinction is not big.

this tells the Chinese people a reason, you enjoy free, will eventually be realized. The realization of the way may not be you, but it will be someone else, but the environment, it will always be your turn.

If you can buy

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