Facebook from attack to defense start up companies disrupted footing

Beijing time on December 7th morning news, the U.S. technology blog Business Insider wrote today, some "defensive" initiatives Facebook recently showed that the company is being some fast-growing start-up companies lose focus and disrupt its own confidence.

Facebook has been introduced in the time line and dynamic summary and other innovative features, access to the user’s praise and become the market leader. However, the recent Facebook approach seems to change.

Snapchat is one of the most typical examples. In more than 1 years, Snapchat services to attract tens of millions of users, each day through this application to share photos to reach 50 million, more than the amount of Instagram per day photos uploaded.

makes Facebook uneasy that the Snapchat approach runs counter to Facebook, but is also popular. Through the Snapchat service, the user does not upload photos and share with everyone, but only with a small group of people to share. Shortly after the transfer, the photos will be automatically deleted. These photos have not been uploaded to the site, and the photos of the receiver to view photos is only a one-time.

Facebook tried to fight against Snapchat by imitation, and launched an application called Poke. Poke soon after the line on the apple App Store app store free application of the top, but then quickly reduced heat. At present, Snapchat is still App Store free applications ranked fifth, while Poke has fallen out of the top 100.

Snapchat is not the first to do Facebook products. Other similar cases include:

1.Facebook for $1 billion acquisition of Instagram, because the application provides a better mobile photo sharing experience, can steal Facebook users.

2 rumor has it that another fast-growing social network, Path, also makes Facebook uneasy.

Shortly before the release of Poke

3, Facebook made a public apology for modifying Instagram’s terms of service.

4.Facebook suspended the testing of new mobile application advertising network, but this should be an important source of revenue for Facebook.

5 although there have been rumors that Facebook will launch an external website advertising trading platform, but no action.

obviously, through the latter two projects, Facebook will get a new source of revenue, without having to change the user experience. But to >

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