Electricity supplier point of view please do not bully fooled consumers

The rapid development of

electricity supplier does bring benefits and convenience for consumers, but the recent negative news of the electricity supplier also let consumers have a new understanding of the electricity supplier. The first is the threat of harassment of Taobao sellers consumers, and then there is the wrong price of the Amazon Apple computer, also appeared in the 1 store leaked user information events. It seems in the era of consumer electricity supplier is no longer a God, but a lamb to be slaughtered. Electricity providers please fly point, please do not bully fooled consumers.

Taobao sellers malicious attacks buyers are bullying consumers?

recently, the seller on the threat of harassment Taobao buyers event was concerned. Taobao seller send stool, send shroud call, texting threats, do not know who is the seller for Taobao so much courage, Taobao seller’s Mafia? Consumers in the seller’s shop to buy something that Taobao is the seller of the product, believe the seller’s character, fruit quality of things? Don’t let the consumer a wrong letter sellers of products, should give a bad review. But the seller will be through a variety of means to allow buyers to praise, do not give praise through a variety of ways to harass the threat of consumers, which can only show that the seller is not only bad even bad personality. It’s hard to imagine how such a bad character would sell such a bad product. Taobao is not only sold on the seller’s goods, as well as the seller’s character, please Taobao sellers respect for consumers, but also respect their own.

of course, Taobao most sellers seller of conscience, they will warm to communicate with consumers, intentions to operate their own Taobao shop, they think the mistakes in consumers, but in their own business to find deficiencies, the seller is created Taobao today. However, the black seller on Taobao does exist, and in the Taobao platform derived from the Taobao division and Taobao black society is to harm the common interests of buyers and sellers. May Taobao black society was Taobao bad teacher to force out, we are happy to see Taobao comment on the difference between teachers and Taobao underworld battles, but the two groups do exist for buyers and sellers, Taobao brings harm. Taobao platform purification mechanism still needs to be strengthened, while the domestic electricity supplier laws and regulations also need to keep up with.

business frequent events are in the wrong price fool consumers


said the angry Taobao black sellers, said the electricity supplier giant fool consumers. Recently, Amazon wrong price event let the consumer resentment. While the electricity supplier giant event is not the wrong price once two, Dangdang, Jingdong, suning.com, Amazon and so on – class B2C electricity supplier have had a similar situation. Most of the wrong price of goods may occur because of the operator’s mistakes, but do not rule out some of the electricity supplier hype. The staff operational errors is understandable, after all, hundreds of thousands of goods of self class B2C website, the occasional error is It’s only human. The probability of this situation appears on Tmall is relatively small, because the number of sellers on the Tmall product is not much easier to manage >

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