Beijing Wangjing WAL MART or will be at the end of March closed shop property disputes

recently, Beijing Chaoyang District Wangjing community neighborhood friends circle of friends @JLJH post broke the news that Wangjing WAL-MART will be closed at the end of March, due to property disputes.


at the same time, there is a netizen @ oblique city also broke the news that the Wangjing WAL-MART two floor to the third floor of the elevator on both sides of the cargo box are empty, asked the staff did not get a positive answer!


Wangjing WAL-MART really want to close it? Reporter first time to contact the relevant staff of Wangjing WAL-MART, according to staff said that at present, they did not receive the notice to withdraw from the headquarters.

Wangjing WAL-MART will close the news also sparked a hot debate


@ laojing: WAL-MART is to allow the property to run, in order to catch WAL-MART, summer for air-conditioning, making shopping people sweat, lift to repair the name often stop. What is the specific dispute people do not know. But at the end of the old people is hurt. Some of the leading body building property.

@AA Xu winter: last year began to stop the air conditioning outage, many elderly people are not convenient shopping, anyway, I hope the two sides to deal with the consultation, WAL-MART do not leave Wangjing

@ Changle: want to keep people in Wangjing love and familiar with WAL-MART

@Nicole: No, I like WAL-MART,

@ Zhou Zhou: this property is too annoying! So many years is not to lift your hard for businesses or customers?


@: hope not to withdraw

@ cannibal flowers: I hope that WAL-MART can stay! Shopping convenience, very capricious a supermarket, we all like!

@ Doudou: like to WAL-MART shopping, do not want to withdraw stores, supermarkets in Wangjing, each has its own characteristics, I think some of the food and daily necessities WAL-MART is more affordable.

@ imps: really? Is not easy to have a shopping parking area

@ Han Xiaoshu: I am most familiar with the WAL-MART

@ CIS: Dajiaoting stores have closed, Wangjing is also a matter, is said to open a WAL-MART new dam.

@ Liu Zhao: WAL-MART is the people’s recognition of the supermarket, even in the absence of elevator and air conditioning case also has many people to patronize, property can take advantage of this brand, the other commercial facilities do better is the long-term development of the road, the location inside such a good mess seven upside down is really a pity. Property leaders do not know how to think.

@ knife: this property is a little shameless. But lately I haven’t seen any sign of the door. It’s a pity to close the door. Still think WAL-MART good.

@Kathy: I’m still here

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