China B2C e commerce development summit will be held in Shenzhen

It is reported that in December 6th

news, by the application of e-commerce Chinese Association of e-commerce enterprises to promote e-commerce platform service provider search committee Shenzhen Electronic Commerce Association jointly organized, leading to China (Shenzhen) B2C e-commerce development summit will be held in Shenzhen on December 4th. The meeting to explore how the traditional industry into e-commerce, online mall operators encounter in the process of difficulty, and mature e-commerce platform service form.

the conference invited more than 300 small and medium-sized enterprises and e-commerce platform operators, experts to discuss how to build e-commerce enterprises in Shenzhen, from the Southern China area to form a cohesive force, have a lasting impetus to the industry and enterprises, the future of e-commerce industry cluster effect is gradually showing.

e-commerce as a new engine of industrial development, who can grasp this round to the electronic commerce and the traditional industry and regional economy with eco industrial revolution as a symbol, can play the leading role in the future of the business, to take the lead. Shenzhen as the first national e-commerce model city, but also the emergence of a number of outstanding e-commerce enterprises. While the search as a leading e-commerce platform service provider is building a network of business support most of the Shenzhen traditional enterprises preferred. Data show that in 2009 the total e-commerce in Shenzhen more than 170 billion yuan, while in 2010 the turnover will be more than $200 billion. Shenzhen also set up a special fund for the development of the Internet industry, will invest 500 million yuan in fiscal funds for the past 7 years, and vigorously support the development of the Internet industry and e-commerce. The friendship


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