Express rush November business volume and revenue record

newspaper news (reporter Suo Dongdong) by the electricity supplier double 11 continuous promotion effect, the courier industry is driving all the way, business volume and revenue hit a record high in November. Yesterday, the State Post Bureau released data show that in November the courier business volume completed 670 million, an increase of 70.4%, operating income of $11 billion 160 million, an increase of 48.4%. This year, the courier business volume will also hit a new high, the first three quarters of the amount of express business volume has exceeded the full year 2011 to complete the level of business, annual revenue will exceed $100 billion mark.

express revenue this year will break billion mark

data show that in January ~11 month above the national courier service business volume totaled 5 billion 30 million, an increase of 55%; business revenue totaled $94 billion 260 million, an increase of 40.1%. December 2011 National Express business revenue of 8 billion 500 million yuan, in order to calculate the courier industry revenue will exceed 100 billion mark this year.

among them, the city’s business revenue totaled 9 billion 830 million yuan, an increase of $67.1%; different business revenue totaled $56 billion 660 million, an increase of 44%.

With the rapid development of

express industry, the proportion of revenue in the postal industry has also been adjusted. The first three quarters, the courier business income total industry revenue ratio of 50.7%, refresh the index to the highest level in history, the expansion of 5 percentage points over the same period last year, the courier business income accounted for the proportion of total industry revenue totaled more than 50% for the first time.

third quarter courier business volume growth of 54.5%

business enterprise in November launched promotional activities Jiaore online shopping market. Because the courier business volume surge, high load operation of express delivery companies, some express outlets on the brink of explosion, November 11th to 13 National Express daily processing volume exceeded 30 million. According to data from the post office, the month of September to complete the courier business volume 510 million, operating income of $9 billion 700 million, has hit a record high courier business completed month. November to complete the 670 million courier business volume and revenue of $11 billion 160 million, both also hit a record high.

quarter view, driven by the Mid Autumn Festival and the national day ahead of the online shopping market boom, the three quarter of the courier business continued high growth momentum in the two quarter. Third quarter courier business volume growth of up to 54.5%, essentially flat with the two quarter. In the first three quarters of the amount of the amount of express business to complete the full year 2011 to complete the level of business, courier business revenue in 2011 to complete the annual revenue of 97%.

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