Convenience store and electronic business platform who is the blue little pills


| Sun Hongchao

this is a seemingly ordinary convenience store, but it’s behind it on almost all of the domestic large electronic business platform. This model is now the most down to earth It is often seen., community convenience store is becoming the focus on business platform seems big competition for the O2O.

March 17th, the Jingdong group announced a partnership with 15 city nationwide about 10000 convenience stores, this is the second year of Jingdong and the Shanxi cooperation group of Tang Long convenience store and a wave of attacks; Alipay and Kara is to a different rhythm, help the convenience store to provide convenient online payment and buy them become the focus of the work of.

as the most popular in the current retail industry formats, convenience store is indeed worth looking forward to electronic business platform. Recently China Franchise Association issued a "Chinese City convenience store index shows that in 2013, 26 city nationwide convenience store the average growth rate of 30%, a speed higher than the traditional department stores and large supermarket.

convenience store for

in the context of the mobile Internet era, O2O has become the focus of most attention by the retail industry. Hope that through their own channels and data flow advantage has become the traditional channel suppliers, online and offline will be unified into ecological system; while the traditional sales channels to expand the store category by business flow, and let the sales system run more quickly.

now O2O is still in the stage of staking, regardless of Ali, Tencent or Jingdong, how to attract more users to use O2O is a priority. Who is the electricity supplier platform to enter a heaven-made match offline giants? The answer is: convenience store.

last March, Amazon China and Shanghai, the family convenience store cooperation on the line since the receipt of the business. After the purchase of the goods in the Amazon, the whole family can go to the convenience store from mentioning, both online and offline payment to shop from mentioning, convenience stores also supports cash, credit card, cash on delivery mode.

Alibaba way is to cut a convenience store payment, Alipay has cooperated with the United States IKEA, red chain, 7-11 convenience stores, consumers in convenience stores, you can scan the code to pay by alipay. Data show that at present, Alipay has supported 20000 convenience stores.

business platform why of convenience stores have devoted so much energy? Jingdong Chief Logistics planners Hou Yi of NetEase technology said that the convenience store is the most close to the local consumers living in the convenience store inventory is closest to the consumer, services can be done at any time served, this format is the most suitable for business enterprise cooperation in terms of O2O.

but when the channel and self built electricity supplier (typical case of Su Ningguomei) is different, and now most of the cooperation is the electricity supplier platform to take the initiative to hand in hand as a representative of the traditional retail channels convenience stores. Electronic business platform has never been the same as now, showing the line below