Tencent Groupon start war China Group buy

‘s "grand on the line yesterday. The site jointly funded by Groupon, Tencent fund and Yunfeng fund three parties. Yunfeng fund is co founded by Yu Feng, Ma Yun, and other business leaders, such as Mr. Shi Yuzhu, Liu Yonghao. The armed forces are not to forage. It has gathered a lot of money, in terms of recruiting. Gaopeng has recruited hundreds of local staff. It is said to be ready to recruit more than 2000 people. The site has already begun to accept the user’s mail registration. Buy service formally launched this month. This "gaopeng.com comes evil, vowing to put the group purchase market to grab a hand China. I do not know how to deal with China’s coalition to buy.

let me start from Gaopeng offensive analysis.

1 Baidu promotion. Basically the relevant keywords for group purchase site PPC, Gaopeng are standing tall in the first place. It seems to have enough money. Ready to burn".

2 QQ promotion. QQ is China’s first, the world’s third largest Internet Co, a rare global Internet business company, instant messaging, portals, games, e-commerce, search, etc.. Can be said to be the tiger on the Chinese internet. The originator and the Penguin Group purchase, behind Yunfeng fund and. Personally think that the coalition want to China group purchase "enclosure" will be a struggle.

3 subway lines under a variety of media advertising bombing of the ground, the first round of the target Beijing, Guangdong, Shenzhen and other cities in 11. The small water depth. Both online and offline.

is responsible for Gaopeng sources, the first single form of Gaopeng will follow the Groupon tradition, the first high-end restaurants, beauty, and SPA and other local services business cooperation. The responsible person also said that the group purchase activities will be officially Gaopeng officially launched this month. Hand in hand network CEO Wu Bo said: China’s domestic enterprises on the buy now less than a year old, although many companies buy, but the strength is still relatively weak." Difficult to top the wind and waves. Group 800 co-founder Hu Chen believes that the ultimate goal of the group of one thousand and one PK, the final result is still difficult to predict.

finally hope that the Chinese team to join the coalition insisted that victory is.

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