Late one day KEA electricity supplier finally formally launched

no no postage, no Rice-meat dumplings, buyers show.

source: Vision China

had previously claimed to be on-line at the end of August the IKEA China online mall, finally unveiled on September 1st, to avoid the "bouncing" embarrassing.

however, IKEA China is not trying to catch the completion in before the deadline. It is said that online shopping mall in the early hours of August 31st quietly on-line, and quickly shut down. IKEA customer service response, the official on-line time will be in the morning of September 1st.

today, open at the top right corner of IKEA’s official website, you can see a shopping cart icon, pointing to the online mall (Shanghai)". With IKEA disclosed the same online mall currently supports only the Shanghai area, commodity prices and offline shopping consistent.

Jingdong and Tmall and other mature business platform compared to IKEA’s online mall page is still simple. In the classification of the search bar below, IKEA will goods in accordance with the room, furniture, Home Furnishing, new products, IKEA club products and several classic series category. The suspension also has a shortcut icon on the left page, pointing to the living room, bedroom, dining room, children’s room, study room, kitchen and bathroom, this classification system follows the official IKEA style.

I’m afraid when some consumers couldn’t resist a wailing sound. Yes, there is no food sales at IKEA mall. IKEA China has told reporters that the interface does not rule out the possibility of future sales of food in the electricity supplier channels. Look, want to taste a Swedish Rice-meat dumplings or salmon, have excuse me to go to the mall to run.

even IKEA official website registered users, or need to register again in the IKEA mall. IKEA membership card holders can bind two accounts, enjoy preferential prices. But some very impatient is preserved in the past, IKEA’s official website in the account of goods and online mall can automatically import favorites, consumers need to begin their own online store, find those names rather strange goods.

familiar with online shopping for Chinese consumers, IKEA mall’s operating process is also nothing confusing place. The selected commodities enter the purchase page, determine the number, color, installation services and other options, single settlement, to confirm the address and delivery methods, such as pay, can express little brother door-to-door.

in the product page, consumers can hover over the picture to see the enlarged details of the picture, in the details will be similar to the paper version of the home guide will appear in the model room with recommendations. Consumers can be 1 to 5 star rating of commodities, but in the commodity page seems to have no comments, certainly not loved by the masses "buyers show hand chop". For users who like to look at the comments and then decided to buy, it seems to be a very important reference.

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