Jingdong’s share of the market fell Q2 transaction amount

According to a recent

Analysys released "the second quarter of 2012 China B2C market quarterly monitoring data show", Jingdong in the second quarter market share decreased significantly, the electricity supplier giant Jingdong have been successful hit. The latest data released by Analysys, the electricity industry has two points, the first point, the Jingdong sales in the second quarter reached 15 billion 314 million; second, the Tencent B2C beyond suning.com; next up to discuss these two things, all wonderful behind.

Jingdong’s share of the market fell Q2 turnover how much

Jingdong in terms of data is the biggest advantage of non-listed company, the company’s data can be fabricated, it is difficult for the third party data statistics agency. Jingdong announced 2011 sales of 31 billion 121 million, and the meeting at the end of May this year Hongkong announced its 2011 real sales is 21 billion 200 million, the degree of water data amazing so many people expressed doubts about the Jingdong Q2 data, then discuss how much Q2 Jingdong sales this year.

injection is calculated according to the data of Jingdong previously announced with real data, the ratio of the real data and water data is 212/311.12=68.12% (hereinafter referred to as the "ratio"), the Jingdong announced the fourth quarter of last year the amount of transaction is 11 billion 304 million, the ratio is multiplied by 7 billion 700 million, so the initial estimates in the fourth quarter of last year the Jingdong transactions amounted to 7 billion 700 million.

calculated according to Analysys data, Jingdong Q2, Q3 Q4, last year’s growth were 39.54%, 22.66%, 36.87%, three quarter growth of 33% on average, multiplied by the ratio of "", can get the real slightly early growth of mean value is 22.48%, then from Analysys data released by Jingdong (141.11/113.04-1) can be obtained this year’s Q1 growth was 24.83%, and last year the three quarter growth of 22.48% is close to the mean, so this year Q1 growth of plausible values. Further down to 7 billion 700 million of Q4 last year, Jingdong sales this year Q1 growth (Q1 growth this year value larger than last year after the three quarter average, we use big data computing, Jingdong) actual sales this year is 9 billion 612 million Q1.

then calculate Jingdong Q2 data this year, according to Analysys latest data can draw the growth of Jingdong Q2 (153.14/141.11-1=) 8.52%, according to the above calculation of Jingdong this year Q1 actual sales of 9 billion 612 million, the Jingdong can be slightly early this year Q2 actual transactions amounted to 10 billion 380 million. In our unconscious, the data released by the Jingdong than the actual data more than 4 billion 940 million ah, compared with the 15 billion 314 million, amazing ah, non-listed company has the advantage of data fraud


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