The glory of routing Pro Jingdong HUAWE mall start booking more colorful Hao Li hands

January 5th, the glory of routing Pro price of 328 yuan in the Jingdong HUAWEI mall mall, two business platform and start booking reservation activities, as of January 11th, and in January 12th the sale of 10:08. At the same time start booking and the glory of the box voice and WiFi wall glory treasure in the Jingdong and HUAWEI mall, these two products on sale date were locked in 14 10:08 and 19 10:08. In this appointment, not only can give glory zero threshold to buy tickets, train tickets to the subscriber "Ali to ah" voucher (limited number), for the user to return home to bring more concessions, choudaijiang win Hao Li links, including 6Plus, Pro, glory glory glory box voice routing and the glory of WiFi wall treasure, glory, glory headset products are popular in Ho ceremony of the column, the intensity of activity There was no parallel in history. As HUAWEI HiLink smart Home Furnishing war in the layout of key products, "quick! A step in the next generation flagship dual Gigabit routing" glory route Pro was released it revolutionized the understanding of "intelligent Home Furnishing entrance", and the variety of smart home products over the same period of appointment, believe will let glory again harvest countless fans.


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conference officially unveiled to the universal beta, glory Pro routing caused widespread concern of market. In January 5th (10:08) – on January 18th (18:00), the glory route Pro will be held in Jingdong mall 0 yuan grand prize appointment campaign. Those who participate in the activities of the users, can participate in glory as we carefully prepared a raffle, prizes include 6Plus, glory Pro, glory voice, glory routing box wall treasure, glory glory WiFi headset glory of its multiple selling products. Raffle continued in the pre-sale period is Pro in the glory of routing, 0 yuan appointment high earthshaking, awards Hao Li sent every day! The more it is worth mentioning that all participate in the activities of the users of Pro routing glory appointment, if confirmed the success of appointment, you can get from Ali to ah "gold coupon. Vouchers can buy tickets, train tickets, bus tickets, as for the direct cash. The pre-sale activities to provide "Ali to ah" gift vouchers number is limited to 1000 copies, you may want to seize the time, first come first served



at the same time, in January 5th (10:00) – in January 11th (23:59), the glory route Pro and other products will also be launched in the HUAWEI mall one yuan reservation activities. All participating in the pre users, in the glory of routing Pro officially on sale, as long as make up the tail, not only can be the first to buy the glory of routing Pro, can also participate in the sale of "glory held pumping house ceremony". In order to allow consumers to enjoy more affordable, glory 6 Plus phone >