ShopEx shop system tuning new edition grand baked

, the country’s largest e-commerce software and services provider ShopEx’s "I shop" as an independent shop online shop platform, with the latest version available, trying to e-commerce entrepreneurs to provide the most rapid, easy to use, economical service shop. It is reported that the full integration of the stable version of the latest ECSHOP system, to provide free space for businesses, free two level domain name, free online maintenance and other basic services, a number of related services include more shop filing, shop decoration, supply shop, shop agent, wholesale supply, shop promotion, shop dealers, Taobao, etc.. My shop, a new version of the business plan for many of the intention to provide the best platform for business friends.

has been listed since 2007, ShopEx’s B2C online shop platform "I shop" ( has been working for the majority of Internet users through the Internet business friends to do the most exquisite service industry, and the attention of people 4 years of sustained warming. And my shop also continued to provide users with valuable services as the goal has been hard. With the increasing consumer demand, the Internet is updating refinement, "I shop" is the timely launch of the website revision work has been successfully completed. It is reported that the new version of the home page was formally launched on September 1, 2011. This is a new revision, frequent highlights.

version of the home page, to show its new form, from prior to the basic service oriented website, upgrade to shops serve as the core of the website, highlighting the site content and structure of humanity, practicality, provides a more convenient platform for independent shop shop shop brand demand.

as the boss of the domestic B2C shop platform, my shop has been committed to providing the owner with more accurate, more specialized shop service. The platform service has a larger upgrade, to ensure the safety and stability of the platform operation at the same time, has conducted a number of upgrades, from personalized search (URL rewriting technology and SaaS mode) shop, 7X24 hours to the cluster server, unlimited space and so on, the new version of the home page has launched a series of new features and new services, especially the new website launched Alipay quick login function allows visitors to reduce the turnover rate of shops directly and effectively.

website template, a comprehensive revision, shops shops group purchase service, online consulting, business information and Alipay home display quick login "my shop" special service website content has become the main push plate, increase in shop to conduct a comprehensive and professional shop to guide efforts. The new buy home show, so that more businesses in my shop on the easy show, an increase in sales, I believe these changes will bring to the shop with a different new shop experience in the past.

other packages, new services, the manager who can choose according to their own characteristics and different needs: for example, 499 new packages based mainly in the early stage entrepreneurial shop, let the manager who in the early start >