Online shopping security declaration is a cloud electricity supplier complaints into empty promises

evening news reporter Shen Mengjie reported

business bigwigs love the spotlight, love at the show, which is well known. This is not to catch 3· 15 stalls, recent Jingdong, Dangdang, shop No. 1,, Gome online and other domestic electricity supplier bigwigs and get piled together, jointly issued the "shopping safety declaration", and solemnly promise: together for the users of online shopping online shopping security escort.

of course, onlookers their small people are aware that this sentence is an empty word, nothing serious. Open the past "black history", and the integrity of the electricity supplier no promise and then deny in succession image has long been popular. What "no fakes, fake a penalty five", "the history of the most cheap, is full of clouds.

now, online shopping has become a national movement. Last year, the national online shopping transaction size exceeded trillion mark. However, the consumption accounted for 6.2% of the total national consumption of online shopping, the rate of complaints accounted for the country’s total consumption of services of 52%. In particular, the complaint rate is the largest electricity supplier is among the best.

unfortunately, at present there is no special laws for online shopping, so the electricity supplier had loopholes. China Electronic Commerce Research Center Assistant Analyst Yao Jianfang bluntly, Dangdang and Taobao shop, often ignore the user complaints, very indifferent. The total number of complaints, the total complaints top three in Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong and mall accounted for nearly 3/4 of the overall volume of complaints.

3· this year; 15, the "online shopping" has become the focus of exposure through. Prior to this, the first to skewer several well-known electricity providers, they see the true face of which is it.

Jingdong mall

Jingdong mall, known as China’s largest integrated online retailers, China’s e-commerce sector is one of the most popular and most influential e-commerce websites. Has been no fake goods smuggled goods at fair price, fast delivery, integrity hospitality etc. that slogan.

in 3· however, the dawn of 15, but there have been complaints buyers, in the mall to buy a second-hand electrical Jingdong. More news, Jingdong mall user feedback comments and sales orders fraud. Jingdong recently heard that are ready to be listed before the listing, please? CEO Liu Qiangdong first put false sales data, lest the Commission found that the work not completed.

order fraud by praise

shampoo, TV evaluation are delicious

"overall is good, my son eat well" – this is a buyer in a Jingdong after shopping mall gives "praise", at first glance, no problem, but in this strange is strange, the evaluation should appear on a message board on the tv.

with the 3· 15 approaching, the majority of users of the catch insects >