Continuous force or a wave Look forward to the future of the site group purchase

news core tip: buy site is not a new thing, but the previous business has failed to win the appeal of consumers. What makes them fast


(rob ·), Solomon (Rob Solomon), leaving the sunny Silicon Valley to go to the cold of the city, the need to sacrifice a lot of things, but this is his willingness to make changes. The veteran in the field of e-commerce moved to the Midwest of the United States, served as president of the site site (group buying Gourpon), he saw the potential of the company to become the next eBay. Gourpon is "Forbes" (Forbes) magazine as the history of the Internet in the fastest growing company, the company with a strong power of social networks, arouse strong interest, consumers online to buy cheap to cast a sales surge in the enterprise. In terms of the fault between Unicom’s traditional business and network, the Internet has not been very good." Solomon, former CEO of SideStep, a travel search engine. So, here we come."

Groupon’s name comes from the "group" (Group) and "coupons" (coupon) two words, the company mainly with small businesses to negotiate a substantial discount transactions, and discount information to its large number of registered users email, for example, Swedish massage half price discount information etc.. When the number of people to buy coupons meet the minimum limit, the transaction will be activated, in addition, if consumers recommend friends to participate in the transaction, then they can get a reward. The starting point of the transaction is about 50%, some discounts can be more than 90%, however, the discount transaction must be completed within the prescribed time limit, usually, the time limit is 24 hours.

in order to attract buyers, Groupon copy of the design will be very interesting advertising, and the spirit of the Internet to keep the same. "Creating a piece of art works like a maze: roaming in after a long time thinking and meditation, in the end you may still be hungry." Philadelphia "absolute abstract" (Absolute Abstract) Gallery of the 50 percent off ad saying. "With today’s Groupon to experience an artist and it was extremely happy risk."

of these transactions dramatically pushed the Groupon electronic commerce refers to the original "stratosphere" (between the troposphere and the middle layer of the atmosphere in the space, also known as the stratosphere. At present, most of the large aircraft flying in this layer, in order to increase the stability of flight. (translator’s note). Founded in 2008, Groupon currently has 25 million registered users, these users are distributed in 29 countries. The company in Chicago, the service object – people who love to buy cheap goods – more than its biggest competitor LivingSocial. LivingSocia>