Jingdong the acquisition of online banking online payment arrangement with payment license

Jingdong or the acquisition of online banking online payment license with

[Sohu IT news] Jingdong mall layout finally pay a new move. September 27th, according to reliable sources, Jingdong recently announced the acquisition of online banking online (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., and the company has third party payment license.

in fact, Jingdong Mall for the acquisition of third party payment company news in the past few months on the spread, and this degree, the acquirer’s information finally surfaced.

business information, online banking online (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. registered capital of 100 million 500 thousand, the legal representative is Zhao guodong.

and it is worth noting that online banking online has issued a third party central bank payment license. At the same time, according to the central bank to disclose the information, in June 27th this year, the online banking online payment business scope of currency exchange, Internet payment, mobile phone payment license, fixed telephone payment changes for Internet payment, mobile phone payment (National) (National), fixed telephone payment (Nationwide), bank card acquiring (Beijing city).

another third party payment executives said Jingdong has negotiated with a number of companies to pay the merger of the third parties, and ultimately more contact with online banking online. Online banking online scale is not large, the number of employees is also 30-40 people, I believe that the amount of the acquisition of this degree of Jingdong will not be too large.

analysts believe that the Jingdong want to do to pay the idea of long-standing, although its platform access to other types of payment, but the lack of control of the Jingdong, the acquisition of a licensed payment company is time-saving approach to Jingdong.

as early as June of this year, there have been disclosed to the Sohu IT, Jingdong mall is brewing involved in the payment industry, intends to set up a payment company, and the acquisition of shares or third party payment company.

at that time, however, a reluctance to disclose the names of payment company CEO has said that there are two reasons for the Jingdong now involved in payment: one is for IPO to have a concept and weights; the two is to the downstream industry chain integration business, with the advantage of future development. He also believes that if the Jingdong to do their own payment, then he will gradually suspend cooperation with other third party payment instruments, but the payment company to do a lot of difficulty, Jingdong may not be able to do it.

for the news, Jingdong mall official declined to comment. (Lin Fenglei)