Taobao Tmall sellers need to establish an independent B2C mall

mentioned independent B2C, a lot of Taobao (Tmall) sellers will immediately think of Jingdong, poly America, also buy wine and other vertical B2C mall. The first impression is that they can not afford the high operation cost!! Wuhan Taobao Hong Xi teacher training institutions, Taobao (Tmall) and the sellers said "play", rather than "not playing"! After all, certainly traditional small and medium enterprises operate independent B2C way with these electricity providers predators are different. Whether it is the supply chain, product category, marketing mode, cross order processing, warehousing and logistics service management, customer service and so on are some big difference.

all the time, Taobao and Tmall’s powerful ecological chain firmly adsorbed on the sellers market, we used car sellers (train), used to flow optimization, used the title category search optimization, used Juhuasuan, used to drill exhibition, accustomed to Taobao community, accustomed to the habit of gang…

fixed thinking!

yes, we can not deny Taobao traffic entrance is large, we can not deny Taobao search traffic flow is greater than the category (5:1), we cannot deny that Juhuasuan allows a seller to see cash immediately (or gas accumulation). But… Wuhan Taobao training Hong Xi teacher ask: why many business chiefs have settled 360 online shopping businesses? Why Alibaba generous ($586 million) acquisition of sina micro-blog seemingly unrelated? Why Taobao category, a large number of orders from Baidu and search entrance, beautiful say? Why beautiful said

electricity supplier Tencent investment?The

shows that Taobao (Tmall) orders not from inside Taobao! Site traffic entrance ignored by many Taobao Tmall! At the same time, no doubt that the future traffic channel (entrance) began to diversify! Taobao in the increasingly fierce competition today, we do, in addition to the demands of the product the difference, I think, it is necessary for us to do the difference of entrance flow. The more is the majority of sellers ignore marketing channels, we need to do more. Note that we refer to: Taobao Tmall sellers to establish an independent mall is an extension of the promotion channels, increase the effective flow entrance, rather than alternative online business model, such as alternative Taobao or Tmall.

we mentioned here to establish an independent B2C purpose can be through the SEO search engine optimization (Baidu ranking) to improve the exposure rate and improve product flow mall! Baidu natural rankings do (compared with Taobao, Taobao free flow) and B2C (Tmall) the seller can put products (pictures) to your Taobao store or page Tmall shop, this is our purpose to build independent B2C mall as traffic entrance


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