Zhang Chenpeng buy site to select the two regional industry

Groupon in the United States after the hot, in mainland China triggered a crazy copy. This is not only due to the rapid development of Groupon in the United States, but also because of this model has a strong potential. 2010 is a Chinese climax in group purchase in.

June 14th, the domestic and foreign buy site want (www.5want.com) to get 500 thousand yuan angel investment, and on-line trial operation. Want to focus on the network group purchase: infant, maternal and child supplies milk, children’s products, baby food, nutrition, infant supplies, gifts and so on.

, according to media reports, now there have been hundreds of group purchase website, for this kind of similar interface, similar content, similar pattern the website is how to face the competition and development of the problem, we find the founder Zhang Chenpeng to network. Zhang resigned a year ago to start a business. Last year, Tencent, Tianya and other portal communities have reprinted an article entitled "21 year old young entrepreneurs to sell their own house," the article, the article said that the real estate business is mr.. So we buy the future development of the network, a simple interview with mr..

reporter: in the short span of a few months there have been hundreds of buy site, how do you look at?

Zhang: I think this is just the tip of the iceberg, there will be more entrepreneurs in the future, more funds into this mode.

reporter: in the face of Internet predators on the market and invested into the group purchase look at fiercely as a tiger does you think of this, whether the market will be


Zhang: actually did not affect, although everyone optimistic about this new business model, but because of the direction of development in China has just started, there is a great way to solve the variables, as long as good business – consumer group purchase website three win-win relationship, so can a foothold in the market.

reporter: why do you choose the field of maternal and child products?

Zhang: I think the positioning of the site to buy in the industry advantage and geographical advantages of both of the two. The advantages of the industry do not have to say, we must choose to have the potential for consumption of the market, such as women’s clothing, beauty, etc.. The main advantage of regional cash points, if you are, know the city has a strong purchasing power, and you have some resources, then the market is worth you to do; if there is a seat of distinctive merchandise, food and so on, then mastered these resources can be carried out in different group purchase promotion the.

in fact from the interview is not difficult to see that, although the rapid development of the Internet model began to attract more and more entrepreneurs eyes, but without a team can promote the integration of resources under the line is very good, so it is difficult to become bigger and stronger, and in many imitators in talent shows itself.