Comparison shopping search to King of dragons and fishes jumbled together

Chinese in ancient Chinese mythology, a far sighted person said, today, we look at the view of modern people, the network is based on this meaning. At home you can know everything is not what is equal to sitting at home with a door into the window around the world.

with the development of science and technology, the network has brought not only material changes, but more importantly, it has changed the way of life of modern people and affected the innovation of thinking. This influence and change, the gradual evolution of e-commerce has become the biggest demand for life.

modern people can not be separated from the network, can not be separated from e-commerce, which can also be a shopping website. In fact, comparison shopping site itself has e-commerce platform shopping guide, service, search and other functions. A related research report shows that modern people have 57.5% of online shopping consumers in the purchase before the adoption of the comparison shopping search price, merchandise and other information. Visible, comparison shopping search is a huge market.

is currently on the network to do comparison shopping search platform for many, but most of the strength of the lack of effective business model, is still in the immature stage of burn. Promotion capacity is limited, the brand is not enough, even if the market cake has billions of dollars, it is estimated that such a small platform is also difficult to succeed. There is no doubt that the network has always been to comply with the law of strong strong. It has been described as a rich man to send a diamond, the poor all over.

, however, is not a fight the enemy separately there is no advantage in market competition, make a number of natural selection, to stay is gold. The comparison shopping search and people’s basic necessities of life are closely related, enough to change people’s way of life, so they are concerned about the high degree of influence. However, the current comparison of the domestic shopping site homogenization phenomenon is serious, there are not many distinctive features of the site, the user can remember less. In many sites, but also do a good job site. If the price comparison net clear-cut comparison shopping search site, focus on Internet shopping platform in the field of course, the website is occasionally frustrating, as can be effectively improved, the future still have great appeal, said it was too early to the king.

‘s fight the enemy separately who can dominate the world, or by the user to decide. In e-commerce activities, the user needs are always the most important, this one is to do any website is eternal truth. Comparison shopping search users is the reality of you and me, is always a concern of investors in the users, who can win the market network, to see who can create real value for the user, the only way to be accepted by users, eventually admitted that in order to get user.

we first need to understand what the user is most concerned about online shopping answers are genuine, followed by convenience, low prices. So, then, the price comparison network developed a collection of information search, price comparison, user evaluation and shopping >