How to find customers

first demand, demand to create a customer. In order to find the demand, we should consider the following factors: first, the degree of demand, or dependence; second, the scale of demand; the third, the substitutability of demand;; fourth, the competition.

first, the degree of dependence on demand

demand is not very necessary, very dependent. Human needs can be divided into many levels, such as food and clothing, housing, and personal safety needs are Yin basic needs, is the first requirement is whether human development to what level of demand will not disappear. If the economic crisis, whether the economy as a whole, or the individual, people can not sing, can not buy LV bag, can reduce the dining and entertainment, but demand will not eat less traffic, communication, temple and other basic dependence, some demand is very high, while others can be alternative. For the Internet, the need to find information; reading news, communication needs, the demand for online transactions is the most basic needs. For example, some value-added services, such as entertainment demand may be due to the economic downturn and the greater impact. So, this business will never disappear, for such a business, the only problem is that too many competitors, too thin profit. The higher the dependence of the demand market, the smaller the impact of economic fluctuations.

second, the size of the demand

is how many people will use the product or service. As a recruitment website, if the industry recruitment website, such as construction of the recruitment website, the scale of demand is only limited in the construction industry, and make a comprehensive recruitment site is not such a limiting. The size of the demand determines the size of the market. Of course, the size of the market itself and profitability is not necessarily linked. Because sometimes, the larger the market, the more competitors, the smaller the probability of winning, the profit may be smaller, and some vertical areas, if you can do, but can get good returns.

third, demand substitutability

some of the needs of substitutability. For example, people can choose to go to the movies on weekends, you can choose to go to the movies, you can also choose to chat in the coffee shop, or you can choose to go to the concert. Such an alternative demand is likely to have a profound impact on the industry.

fourth, competitor

finally, to consider the market may have more than one game player in, this demand is not already a game player inside, is already doing well? If done well, then enter the cost will be high, is not worth? If not done well, is not there is opportunity? If this is a new demand, no one in this field, the field is not in the high barriers, if the barrier is not high, how to set up the barriers. Is this the right time to enter the market, and is it necessary to spend a lot of money on the market?.