Exposure Juhuasuan will restore manual audit small sellers or out

news March 12th, Tmall, Juhuasuan, Taobao three platform integration management news leaked after a change on Juhuasuan news quickly spread in the industry business group: Britain power will make the operation mechanism of Juhuasuan’s return to a few years ago.

the news said that the future Juhuasuan will restore the second artificial to review application business activities, but also a separate pit active output to more than one million yuan.

informed sources, Juhuasuan does have the intention of this reform, but to wait until mid March to determine the official meeting of Juhuasuan.

Juhuasuan core words: "vitality"

many businesses pointed out that the reform has a certain degree of rationality. Under the current conditions of machine selection, Juhuasuan products as long as it is able to meet the standards, resulting in a lot of product sales flat, slowly Juhuasuan has lost its vitality."

. A recent speech will be the core word "positioning Juhuasuan vitality", hoping to become the business quickly take the goods "thesword".

analysis of an industry, is the vitality of the activities on behalf of volume, a series of reforms in Britain in 2014 on the Taobao platform for the purpose of traffic and turnover, whether taobao.com home facelift, or gold sellers and re launched version of Taobao details page update.

single pit million will reject small sellers

after the reform of Juhuasuan, the price of business products and the application of the crowd put forward higher requirements. A businessman pointed out that the future of Juhuasuan is just a big seller platform. Single pit requires output over a million, small sellers do not have so much money to prepare, but to take this mechanism, Juhuasuan will inevitably pick a large turnover of businesses to participate in activities."

combined with the direction of the previous Tmall investment policy, the merchant believes that Tmall, Juhuasuan has rejected small sellers, this part of the seller can only return to the Taobao C store. Many small sellers on the Tmall platform, the greater the risk, the higher the cost."

but when it comes to whether big sellers can really benefit from Juhuasuan’s reforms, many sellers are more hesitant. "Remember when Juhuasuan first started, the number of sellers in later accounts racking his head, only to find, sell more, lose more."

users are eroded into key issues

Juhuasuan now only from the seller level layout, without considering the needs of users." Insiders pointed out that in January 2015, Juhuasuan announced that Taobao search is also included in the main sales in order to arouse the enthusiasm of the seller, but the lack of understanding of user psychology.

a home improvement category seller said that Juhuasuan’s reform is a redistribution of traffic, Juhuasuan’s current flow is too fragmented, no explosion point. And another very serious problem is that Juhuasuan’s market share is not only by the United States, Jingdong and other external web site squeezed, and a lot of buy >