Do electricity supplier how to let fans enjoy the service of the store

not what do not have no money ", this is the true saying the earth people know. Today Xiaobian said, this year, in order to make money, not what do not not fans, especially for enterprises. As Luo Zhenyu said, fans economy era, there is no fan of the future.

fans brought about by the economy is not only the realization of the fans, but also continued to transform the brand or product marketing. A large group of fans of the brand, often can achieve rapid spread of new products and open marketing situation. So, in order to fans, merchants used their brains crazy suction powder exhaust all the skills. So, do you want fans to be your lifelong fans?

this is not difficult, superstar pig new line of coffee business — fans of life, help you realize.


merchant stores open fans lifelong system, then visit the store to become a fan of the store after the user, and then visit other people’s stores, or will jump to the store before binding. Businesses can be opened in the store [distribution / wholesale] – [distribution] fans lifelong system.


want to fans and store it highly adhesive whenever and wherever possible? Open fan for life. In this way, the shop can continue to promote, many times, to deepen the impression of fans on the store, but also to some extent, enhance the store merchandise sales.

fans lifelong system features only in this, of course not. It seems but completely beyond your imagination. In addition to the fans to visit the page generated by the store to jump the case, the store opened fans lifelong system, which means that the function of opening the crazy propaganda shop.

on the one hand in our promotional poster. If the merchant to open the fan lifelong system, fans in other stores to promote the poster to sweep the code and other operations, will automatically jump to the fans to bind the shop page. Share the link is the same reason, that is, fans click on any link to get through the channel, the pig electricity supplier system will automatically identify, so that fans into the binding of the shop page. A bound for life.

fans lifelong system can lift it?

upgrade fans lifelong system is more perfect, the new system of life to lift the button. There are two ways to relieve.

1) store merchants lift

store fans to open the door when the lifelong system, in the distribution configuration has a fan lifelong list. Merchants can be in the list of fans bound for fans to make lifelong system to lift the operation.


2) platform client release

pig electric business platform customers in [user management] – [user list] can clearly see which users bind fans lifelong system, which users do not bind. For users who are bound to lifelong fans, >