Knife horse 315 operation group purchase online shopping chaos

when the courier industry constantly explosive cartridge, we will see the domestic online shopping market is booming. The author of a friend’s parents have retired for many years, also began to keen on online shopping, almost every day can receive parcels. The author of the courier company to express the time of the year (a number of express delivery company limits the scope of the author is not the place to go), has been to a number of courier company warehouse, everywhere is full of stacked goods. This is the current situation of the online shopping market, I believe this is just the tip of the iceberg. In the national market, online shopping market is how much, I believe many people have a vague understanding. The group is just the rise of a new model soon, many people did not intend to buy the desire, but in a substantial price stimulus, began to choose to sell. I have tried many times to buy, it is cheap, but in the process of consumption is often not the part of their choice to buy, the amount of spending is often more than the budget.

of course, this is a good one, in fact, whether it is online shopping or buy a lot of disappointments. Especially when the case of deception, people on the online shopping, buy also have more complaints. I’m afraid this is the CCTV 315 this year will be one of the reasons for the party and the group purchase online shopping market inquiry. The rapid development of blowout will breed a lot of chaos, how to avoid these problems is the key. It is reported that this year 3· 15 party theme will be positioned to escort new consumption". Some of the consumer warning information will be announced in the evening will focus on new consumption in modern life, such as online shopping, buy, car consumption, house consumption, etc.. In fact, before a group purchase chaos has been reported, we have also heard that some 315, in the evening is not able to show us more stories, we might see.

for this problem, I think of the domestic market to buy some of the new trends and features, suddenly sprouted a new idea. It is around Groupon in China is also in 315 to avoid this sensitive period? Several mainstream sites are not optimistic about the domestic group purchase of Groupon in China, one reason is digging people give others trouble; the two is the elevation of advertising resources, and the lack of offline promotion experience. However, a potential problem can not be ignored is that if the Groupon and Tencent cooperation after it, if the advantages of Chinese local buy site is more familiar with the Chinese traditional service industry businesses. So, if Groupon and Tencent cooperation in business and brand promotion will dominate.

, however, the domestic buy site also has its own views, they feel that the Tencent is only in the field of pure online is very strong, the line is also a short board sales team. It can be expected that Groupon and Tencent have the advantages of cooperation, such as flow, capital, brand, etc., but the integration of culture, the integration of resources under the line, and so is the need to continue to enrich. For small buy site, Groupon into China is quite stressful. China Internet Network Information Center January data show >