Banking disciples mighty Jingdong mall

in the future there may be such a scenario: you buy things in Jingdong mall, because there are loopholes in the Jingdong system, the order is not successful payment, when you receive the goods, the police came to arrest you. Maybe you do not believe, but to see the following news, I think you should believe that this scene is likely to become a reality in the future.

on the evening of 30, the Jingdong mall recharge platform major loopholes in the system — integral unlimited calls and set brush Q coins, coins, lottery, to Jingdong mall suffered heavy losses. Insiders estimate that Jingdong losses due to the accident will exceed 2 hundred million. 1 hours after the loopholes about Jingdong Jingdong official mall mall repair, after the incident also responded that "recharge platform vulnerability has last night around 23:40 repair", and is said to have been reported to the public security department, but the specific treatment measures have not come out.

integrated media reports, this vulnerability is the existence of Jingdong itself, not because of hacker attacks, some users because of loopholes and profit. To this end, Jingdong mall reported to the public security organs, it is said that if you can not solve the negotiations, it will pursue the lawless elements of the legal responsibility.

when I saw this news, I immediately thought of the shock of the Xu Ting case, because ATM failed to profit, was eventually sentenced to five years imprisonment. At that time many people Xu baobuping, think this is the responsibility of the bank, and cites many foreign cases. Although the public opinion on this matter has played a certain effect, but ultimately did not change the fact that Xu Ting in jail.

back now, and in fact, like the case of Xu ting. But, one is the overbearing bank, one is overbearing Jingdong. In this event, the mall of Jingdong’s own platform vulnerabilities, users exploit this vulnerability to gain the benefits of Jingdong and therefore believe that these people are criminals". Therefore, Jingdong reported to the public security organs, if the user does not return, it will be investigated for legal responsibility.

I do not understand the law, some lawyers said that the user exploits the illegal income. In that case, I will have nothing to say. However, I think this is the Jingdong to evade responsibility. This problem is the user think? If you do not appear loopholes in the system, the user will not be able to profit, it will not be labeled criminals. The user does not know your subjective vulnerability, just in the transaction process before you know the loopholes, bought something and did not complete the buckle integral, you can say that this is the fault of the user? If there is wrong, the wrong mall Jingdong.

I do not rule out the use of this vulnerability, malicious use of this loophole to make a profit, but the premise is that there is a problem Jingdong, Jingdong itself is a problem. Some people might say, if your home door lock broken, was stolen, it is not your own responsibility. I want to say is, this is. Jingdong is private it is not, Jingdong is a public open trading platform, is to complete the transaction through the program, the program is a problem