Celebrities and electricity providers have to tell the story

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as a fan of various natural song very sought after song, listen to how to do, go to the video store to buy CD, or go to the platform to download all kinds of music on demand, but it may be more of a way that is to go directly to the official website to buy star.

the news on January 24th, officially began to try in the official website of the sales of music singer Lee Hom the day before, and said it would establish a share and sell music in the next year’s website. On his personal website has its own sales area price of $1.


message may be heard suddenly exclaimed to star when the electricity supplier, of course this is an interesting attempt, but Lee Hom is not the first person to eat crabs, May, musician Sa Dingding has launched the "top music club", online sales of their records and books.

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out of the music industry, when the electricity supplier is also a great star of others, Lining and his partner Jin Zhenjun from behind the front desk, to the electricity supplier for big Yao Ming, also think is to sell wine or try to do business? Future celebrities to when electricity supplier, it will not become the trend of course, only the big economic strength will want to try the water in the development of the electricity supplier of the stars, the more it is famous by the electricity supplier.

we’re collecting slightly under the network information, I found a few, Xu Jinglei had Xu Kaila Taobao accessories shop, the timing is her "Du Lala promotion" red hot, is really a business minded star. Taobao is another successful example in black and white energy Nicky Wu as an example, when the brand is on the line, he starred in "time to market" startling step by step, 12 points that night, the stars shop website was almost jibao. Pop singer Willber Pan and the host of the cooperation of the company also opened a shop in the streets of the wind service. Willber Pan and Li Chen in addition to personally battle as a model, it is a circle of friends to do the model, the shop quickly rushed to the 4 diamond.

in addition to open shop of course advertising, Gome’s business Kuba hired articles and popular Ma Yili as a spokesperson, and then look at the Jingdong store, "Beijing youth" hit a large number of Jingdong mall advertising can bring our audience to a bombing. Finishing the above have to feel bad when the stars, one side to do their own work, on the other hand, with the media to deal with the Internet, make money really want to be two.


stars are so busy shuttle in each business between light and heat, the first is relying on her popularity, the star’s high popularity is indeed difficult to block, such as Han Han, although not tall, but in Taobao’s bookstore opened the first week broke Taobao brush single record. The stars have also benefited from a good image, can appear more close, also can let goods faster by the public awareness, the electricity supplier who was spotted in the stars of the heat, and they are pulled open shop, sometimes pulling them on

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