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technology is changing the way modern entrepreneurs and their businesses, their teams, and their relationships with the industry. In this series of activities, modern entrepreneurs need to learn more advanced marketing tools and ideas that can keep innovators ahead. With the expansion of the size of the company and business growth, you do not have so much time to remember everything in the company, and each employee communication. How to keep in touch with them? Here is Naturebox, the 3 most common management company recommended by the founder of APP, a health food company.

Gautum Gupta, founder and CEO of


all entrepreneurs want their companies to succeed overnight. But if you are lucky enough to achieve a rapid growth, as has been known as Naturebox (the United States healthy snacks monthly subscription service company) founder and CEO of Gautum Gupta, then you will face a series of new challenges. His company sold a substantial 50000 boxes of healthy food in 2012, and, with strong social media marketing, sales surged to $1 million in 2013. One of his biggest challenges, Gupta found, was to keep the day-to-day relationship with all of Naturebox’s participants, including partners, employees and other people in the industry.

here are three apps that Gupta uses every day:

15five (image: Yammer)

1 15five (enterprise collaboration platform). In the early days, Naturebox’s status reports will be updated regularly with Gupta’s access to an email or a quick and efficient corridor meeting. However, as the company grew, Gupta found it easy to forget about the conversation, or to remember where it was written. He needs a way to track the staff report to him the content, without micro management, and according to an entrepreneur’s suggestion, he downloaded a team based on network communications applications: 15five (enterprise collaboration platform). With this app, his team needs to take 10-15 minutes per week to answer questions in the form of an online form, and then Gupta takes about five minutes to learn the answers to these questions.

"I can’t be in the office all day, and it reduces the need for a lot of meetings." Gupta said. "The use of 15five enables the company’s status reporting to be more structured and enables us to maintain communication in one location". "I found that the smaller team of 3-5 people work best with it. Every week I try to keep my questions short and simple, so as to reduce the time required for my employees to fill in."


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