Ali led to changes in the price of a high diving stock credit rating system

Alibaba Network Co., Ltd. (1688.HK) on Tuesday morning fell to nearly 10%. Despite the high-level changes caused by the supplier fraud investigation, but foreign media today wrote that it will not cause significant financial impact in the short term.

below is the full text of the article:

Alibaba Network Co., Ltd. (1688.HK: market) in early trading on Tuesday fell to nearly 10%. Although the " supplier fraud " survey results of the high-level changes in the short term, will not have a significant impact on the financial future, but the company still faces enormous challenges that how to establish a more perfect and safe payment system and the credit rating system of the dealer.

the incident further exposed the weaknesses of Alibaba’s easy platform, analysts believe that the company is in urgent need of change in its business model. But for its future stock price trend, analysts are divided.

unless Taobao injected Alibaba network, otherwise we can not see the significance of management integration. Alibaba network needs to be tougher on the business model reform." Mirae Asset analyst Eric Wen said in the report.

group is the largest Alibaba China e-commerce enterprise, its network of Alibaba engaged in B2B (business to business) business; and another subsidiary of is the largest B2C (business to consumer) website, 2010 sales of nearly 400 billion yuan, 1 trillion yuan in 2012 will target the impact.

Alibaba in early trading fell 8.15% to HK $15.32, earlier fell 9.6% to HK $15.08, a record since January 11th lows. Since the company had announced the replacement of CEO and COO, the current Taobao CEO and President Lu Zhaoxi will succeed Wei Wei’s CEO position.

"for our new CEO’s appointment is optimistic, I hope in the future to hear Taobao and Alibaba network synergy news, but considering the difference between the two companies in the business model and culture, we think, may not be a merger of the two companies" Credit Suisse artist Wallace Cheung analysis said.

Alibaba is a change in the management of personnel, in view of a supplier fraud investigation, the internal investigation report. However, the company said the original CEO Wei Zhe and the original COO Li Xuhui or other senior managers are not involved in any dishonest supplier fraud buyers activities.

lacks credibility rating system similar to Taobao

analysts believe that in the existing mode of operation of network of Alibaba under the sales staff to complete the sales performance, may be intentional connivance with intent to defraud businesses, while the trading platform did not establish a credit rating system similar to

Alibaba admitted in the announcement, in the public

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