Give up let me make a big

to write this article, is to electricity supplier grassroots.

what can I do for 5 months? I spent the last 5 years of my life in the last 5 years,


5 years ago, I graduated from the university art design, six months have been expelled from the 3 companies, where to go?

is the most sensible thing a man can turn into a good thing he likes, and then a livelihood. For 5 years, I have only focused on doing a good job of my own, only to their own advantage to the extreme.

this 5 years is the fastest growing business for 5 years, maybe even faster, I also have the chance to experience during the representative of several listed companies out of the road to the electricity supplier, and gain a lot of experience, combined with their own kankankeke experience to share with the electricity supplier in the 5 years of grassroots can change those really as my feeling.

remember 5 years ago, just walked out of the university into the social work for half a year, I came from the arts arts design, was actually expelled from the design company has 3. Longing for the big city, the cold winter, ordinary interns, hand resume, interview everywhere, refused to be everywhere, would like to think impassability, why so many students on my bad.

does not have any income for 2 months, confused playing computer games. Repeated every day in the tangle, why their failure, it is doomed to really do not eat this professional bowl of rice?

finally want to understand, there are deep 2 reasons:

1, with mechanical drawing carp work, not my strengths and personality. Work every day to look forward to work, more than and 30 days a month do not want to go to work this mentality, simply can not do a good job.

2, when I was a frog, with 2 thousand per month will be fired, a wood louse is a green hand of when the assets of millions often go abroad customers about Southeast European design style, the insight and quality, customers are professional than you.

day confusing facing the computer, remember to read a few large coffee expert in business, more than myself, I really good at what, in the future in the end what a living


in high school is an ordinary liberal arts students a grade I, the most memorable, is the mathematics class first, English is the countdown to the first extremely imbalanced. What is the advantage of their own logical thinking is better, like reasoning summary of things, find results. Also, in the aspects of learning ability are good reading is read without thorough understanding of type.

have a lot of time every day, and most people electricity supplier grassroots, always thinking, sitting at home will be able to make money. Accidental contact with Taobao, he was determined to rely on their own money to make money through the internet.

since then, completely broke the 4 years after graduation to engage in the work of the University of professional thinking, no longer learn English, no longer study the details of the cumbersome line drawings, do not do their own boring and not good at things.


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