Flower chanting Alipay is testing non virtual credit card

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Jingdong IOUs, Ali’s ant micro loans recently launched a "credit payment products flowers chant". "Business credit consumption" for the market seems to have quietly. The "daily economic news" reporter noted, "flower chanting" and has a credit card payment function similar products, users can consume first, then the repayment. However, this feature is currently still in the testing phase, only a small number of active users can log on Alipay web version to see the "CHANT" interface and apply for trial.

for the "flower chanting" is a virtual credit card of doubt, Alipay stakeholders told reporters, "first, the service is the ant launched micro credit, not Alipay, Alipay provides the underlying funds borrowed channel; secondly, this is not a virtual credit card, it is just a consumer credit (product)."

many industry analysts pointed out, "the launch of the flower chanting", for consumers, is more than a sum of credit; for Ali, increase the viscosity of platform and consumers. At the same time, Alipay big data accumulation based on the launch of the similar credit card credit consumer services, Ali intention incoming electricity supplier on credit market is very obvious.

in addition, sources told the "daily economic news" reporter said, "before and virtual credit card payment has been suspended two-dimensional code together, many agencies are already doing, the central bank did not stop again. The central bank for the two-dimensional code to pay the draft has been carried out several rounds of comments, the last feedback to the various institutions of the draft should be officially released before the last round."

currently the maximum amount of 30 thousand yuan

the "daily economic news" reporter learned that the "flower chanting" by the ant micro loan offers consumers a "buy this month, next month," the online shopping service. The user can use the flower chanting in Taobao, Tmall shopping, to confirm receipt of the next month, 10 days before the repayment amount, consumption according to the comprehensive situation of online shopping users and. "Flower chanting" Tmall, Tmall, staging, try and buy Taobao first used to pay the service to share a consumer credit. Users use any one of these services, will occupy the amount of consumption. After repayment, the amount of consumption will be restored. In addition, the "flower chanting" the longest interest free period can be 41 days, can be associated with the account balance, debit card, Yu Ebao automatic repayment, if overdue per day will be charged a late fee of 5/10000.


" flower chanting "with a virtual credit card, overdraft services are essentially different, just a consumer credit (products), namely the user consumption, ant micro loans to the user’s personal release of an interest free loan, the loan in advance to the merchant, after the expiration of the consumer to the ant micro loan to repay the loan." The above Alipay insiders.

The Alipay

also further pointed out that the current "flower chanting" the amount is in the range of 1000 yuan ~30000 yuan, user testing in a small range, as to when to all users of Alipay promotion, there is no clear timetable.


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