The electricity supplier competition mode upgrade rushing into the last mile experience

newspaper news (reporter Zheng Xiaohua) with the intensified competition in the electricity supplier, electricity supplier bigwigs began from the previous price war, to fight the "service" and other areas, for the "last mile" experience.

March 29th, Jingdong announced its own logistics system formally launched the abnormal weather automatic tips service. The system automatically retrieve the daily 3 days of weather information, according to the order in the region, customer inquiries orders showing abnormal weather related, the user can understand the progress of orders is affected by the weather. Jingdong mall said that the current service applies to 211 limit order and the next day orders.

coincidentally, ZJS recently announced on its official website, from now until April 30th, according to COD (PAT net cash on delivery) the seller initiated "delivery plus" 1 "yuan, you can enjoy the return free activities. According to the requirements, as long as to participate in the activities, where the delivery within the scope of any cause undelivered, not to the seller and customers receive return expenses.

as early as last October had started the electric cat community service station, now in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou 22 city more than 2 thousand and 600 convenience stores, community property outlets, launched the "receipt for you, for you." the collection of goods services, consumers from the "express" to the nearest to the since the "express service station". Tmall relevant person in charge told reporters that the recent increase in other cities have not yet been on the layout of the city, including Fuzhou, including a new batch of cities is expected to open in the next batch.

with the continuous improvement of the domestic logistics system, the rapid development of express industry. However, the most critical as the electricity supplier docking customers last mile experience often become the key to the success of the entire online shopping transaction.

Deputy Secretary General of Fujian province

Electronic Commerce Association chairman Yang Qilong believes that the electricity supplier to improve the "last mile" experience, essence of online competition has gradually return to the business, from the past disorderly price war to the market to make up for the next line and intensive and meticulous farming, compared to the entity shop in the user experience weakness.

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