Analysis on the profit model of B2S shopping website

open a website, through the network, sitting at home to make money, this is the dream of many network entrepreneurs. But how can we realize the real Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, as a program to do, for many entrepreneurs, is still very strange. How to make a website, on-line can have income, and long-term to users, so users can remember your site, and bring you long-term stable income? B2S product customer network shopping mode introduced here today, we can refer to.

What is the

B2S B2S also called for shopping, shopping shopping sharing, experiential shopping, refers to the number of users, with a love for a commodity, through a joint venture (for example: 2 yuan per person, money) and funded the money just can buy the goods, finally from these people pick out lucky to enjoy in advance, the rest of the temporary has not become the lucky users can exchange the goods to the equivalent points mall. Because B2S allow consumers to shop money more valuable, so that consumers in time to participate in the activities of the accident can get value of goods, therefore, in a very short time in the country to fame, and attracted many entrepreneurs chasing, currently relatively well-known shopping sites share enjoy guest China product, customer network, Dong Dong love purchase, eight thousand tourists, a hard shot, grab 365 other sites.

why share shopping can cause consumers and entrepreneurs recognized? The core idea and project are inseparable, because many products change rapidly we want to buy goods, but does not yet have plans or the corresponding financial strength to buy, and share shopping but just can meet this person demand. Site to coin form, allowing the winner can use less money to get your favorite products. For example, 2 yuan, there is a chance to get the value of thousands of goods, so consumers are willing to participate. And did not get the consumer is always not lost, the accumulated points can be converted to the equivalent of the integration of the mall merchandise.


as a web site, where profit? This is most concerned about the entrepreneur, because the commodity is the equivalent exchange points mall, and coin area goods is also free, on the surface, the site should be lost. In fact, from the guest Chinese activities to enjoy a NOKIA N8 mobile phone can be seen, a NOKIA N8 mobile phone market price is 3000 yuan. The coin number in the coin area is 27400, each number is 2 to enjoy the currency (equal to RMB 2 yuan), so when the site after the event, the actual income is 54800 yuan, of course, also accumulated 54800 points, 54800 points to all the assumptions of this integral mall exchange goods, points mall our preliminary calculation in 15%-20% commercial profit, the profit is 7000-10000 or so, the actual site so the website can also earn a profit from this coin activities.

and ulterior motives, the profit is a long-term stable income as a share of shopping sites, really more profit point is not here.

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