Do a good job for visitors to Taobao website


customer is now in many webmaster and Internet users in general do Wangzhuan project, Taobao guest kind the website is very much, with all kinds of pattern to make Taobao customers have. I also tried a variety of Taobao guest practices, but also made some experience. Today, I would like to share a little bit of experience is that in order to let visitors often use your Taobao guest site, you have to do a useful for visitors Taobao website.

is currently a lot of Taobao off the site is to take API site model, this kind of Taobao station program is also a lot of. API can automatically collect the Taobao product data, can save the trouble of data maintenance of website. At the same time you can get millions of Taobao commodity data. Let the site appears very rich content.

but the problem has been highlighted by such a model, that is, all of Taobao’s data is similar to the model of the customer site. Stereotyped, not only do not like search engines, users will not like the slow. Because there’s nothing new. Internet users can not bring more useful shopping guide effect. But many of the Taobao API station template, it is very difficult to have been familiar with this site Internet use impulse. The visitors will not collect your Taobao station.

there are some Taobao guest site, did not take this kind of API model, but to take the manual finishing update mode. But from the author’s observation, quite a lot of this kind of site, site layout is confusing, column disorder, advertising is full, to the user experience is not good. Such a station, it is more difficult to retain the hearts of visitors.

Taobao off site if more from the perspective of the needs of the people to consider, to provide visitors with better, more convenient shopping navigation, which can keep the user’s heart. If only the Taobao data on the move, in his Taobao station show, it is difficult to impress visitors. Because of that, visitors might as well go directly to Taobao to check the goods.


so visitors to mining can really help Taobao shoppers, can really help visitors better Taobao shopping, like Taobao station, visitors will trust and love. Will take the initiative to collect your station, and in need of time to shop through your station.

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