Talk about a few Wangzhuan Wangzhuan Biden direction in the future

Biden Wangzhuan every day in the busy Wangzhuan, imperceptibly in 2010 after half of all. Take some time today, summarize the recent several directions do wangzhuan. Recently, Wangzhuan is not too good, the project is too small, so Biden summarized the following Wangzhuan Wangzhuan direction, written for the exchange of learning.

first: Taobao guest is a direction. Biden Wangzhuan think Taobao is one of the most long guest Wangzhuan project, because it belongs to the class CPS sales commission this Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, there will be more room for development in the future estimation. Now many people fought off domestic Wangzhuan Taobao. Oh, this shows that we are more optimistic about the direction of Taobao passenger. Expert of a few weeks to earn tens of thousands. So, after Taobao guest is certainly a long Wangzhuan project. The first half of 2010 after the first guest Wangzhuan, Taobao.

second: ADSENSE. This Wangzhuan direction, many people will have different opinions. Google has launched a domestic market. But Bremen Wangzhuan still recommend ADSENSE, but not to recommend Baidu alliance. Although Google is temporarily moved to the market, but also in the regression curve. ADSENSE unit price is not to say, Baidu alliance and ADSENSE compared to the words, is simply a sky on the ground. And for newcomers, ADSENSE easier to use, the price is higher than the Baidu union. So, the second half of 2010 project Wangzhuan recommended ADSENSE.

third: selling documents to make money. This is currently done less, but the prospects are good. Earlier, more tired, but the latter is indeed a matter of once and for all. Here a child selling Wangzhuan Biden, want to do can go to the Baidu search for clues.

fourth: Jingdong 360BUY alliance and customer alliance, the two union together to do. Will make you unexpected effect. At the beginning of the two CPS hang Biden Wangzhuan alliance advertising, oneself buy things a test, the effect is quite good. Especially where the union is as high as 16% of the commission. Make use of SEO to do, profits can be imagined.

fifth: to provide higher service, this requires a certain threshold. The quality of the so-called threshold means that you need to have a certain reputation in the network, and indeed have their own money in a way. This time you can start. Depending on the network training is not a few people Wangzhuan money. Here also include the use of VIP to profit people Wangzhuan forum. For example, known by providing services for money: Cardiff Wangzhuan Wangzhuan SEO training, strategic base, hydrostatic forum training and so on. Earnings are good results. So if you reach a certain advantage, this is completely feasible.

today to sum up the five directions. But no matter how good the project if no good execution is no good. Biden told us: Wangzhuan Wangzhuan circle never lack of Wangzhuan project, is the lack of the removal of the impetuous heart and enhance the power of execution.

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