Foreign media to see double 11 13 buyers to buy foreign goods

NetEase Francisco November 12th news, Bloomberg today issued a document called "double 11" 1/3 of buyers are buying foreign businesses and brands, Ma set a target of half revenue will come from the foreign Alibaba.

Alibaba "double 11" transactions amounted to 91 billion 200 million yuan ($14 billion 300 million), the great achievements not only show the electric power, it also revealed the company’s prospects in attention Chinese consumer spending in the context of the highlights. Set up double 11 promotional activities, is an integral part of the Alibaba will be a platform for the global market to build a global trading platform. This year, "double 11" sales grew by 60%, in the only one day of the promotion of its buyers in the purchase of 1/3 is outside China Merchants and brand goods.

Boston research company vice president Kean Anderson (Keith Profitero strategy · Anderson) said, "the successful demonstration of double 11" of the electricity supplier companies through promotions to produce method of consumer demand, which is the Amazon in July this year with its first promotional activities in the use of "Prime Day" strategy. In addition, it also shows that American companies can grow in china. Anderson said: Alibaba is a way to achieve growth in the United States and European brands." Nike’s canvas shoes and Levi’s jeans are top selling items, according to statistics from the Alibaba.

, however, as some investors are still concerned about China’s economic health and domestic consumer demand, which is still the lifeblood of Alibaba, Alibaba stock performance in the United States failed to get a boost. As of Wednesday’s close, Alibaba shares closed at $79.85 on the New York stock exchange, the day fell by 1.9%.

"for Alibaba," double 11 "was a huge success," the U.S. investment bank Wedbush Securities analyst Gil · (Gil Luria); Luria said, "but I think we can not speculate the overall economic situation from this point to China." However, China’s retail industry began to improve in October, out of the trough of economic growth in 25 years. Retail sales in China rose 1.1% in October, the fastest pace of growth since the start of the year, better than analysts expected. "Companies that are able to innovate and boost demand will flourish," Ma said on Wednesday. "The next 15 years, China’s economy will be good."

Alibaba is expected, there will be 1 million 700 thousand couriers 400 thousand logistics vehicles and 200 aircraft engaged in the handling of this year "double 11" orders parcel, the parcel packaging of goods from the iPhone to the shirt, this is not the only one. Alibaba said on Wednesday that mobile devices accounted for 69% of this year’s "double 11" transactions. "Double 11" shows the power of the Internet and shows that China is still

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