Online shopping in case of cottage machine manufacturers false false hard to return

[Abstract] there is no genuine manufacturer of fake testing report to buy a fake phone Zhang into a dilemma.


Beijing News (reporter He Guang Lining) recently, Mr. Zhang bought a mobile phone in a well-known electronic business platform, get the goods packaging and identification code found on the body is not the same, the brand of customer service center, the mobile phone is not the company’s products, high imitation mobile phone.

Zhang tried to return and complaints to the Consumer Association, but are required to produce a fake certificate. Because the brand customer service center said not for individuals, not for the non brand mobile phone report, can not find the third party inspection agency, Mr. Zhang to return without the door, to consumer complaints also difficult.

packaging and body identification code is not the same

, I bought a lot of mobile phones in this electronic business platform, the first encounter this situation." Mr. Zhang said, he often wash things in the electricity supplier a column for reselling to make the difference, where the sale of all consumer returns to the warehouse goods, prices generally will be higher than the normal price of tens to thousands of yuan, but the quality is relatively poor.

transaction records show that in January 30th, he spent 6874 yuan in the electricity supplier platform to buy a certain brand of mobile phones, the arrival of the sign in February 2nd. The same type of phone in the normal price of the electricity supplier is 8488 yuan. Zhang said after opening the package, found that the packaging and the body’s cell phone identification code (sales and production code) is completely different.

Zhang said, the mobile phone to buy from the hand or the screen resolution or even call the sound, will be much worse than the mobile phone, which then repeated with the electricity supplier customer service to the mobile phone with suspected high imitation copycat goods grounds for return, but the customer service staff are said to be issued the mobile phone manufacturers can give fake proof of return.

reporter verification, the electricity supplier website aftermarket protection provisions, to return the need to rely on the quality of the manufacturer’s maintenance center or special maintenance inspection certificate.

manufacturers aftermarket Center for the cottage

Zhang said that the receipt of delivery, package integrity, open the mobile phone after the discovery of problems, the mobile phone is switched midway? The day before yesterday, the electricity supplier of a customer service after carefully check the body of the encoding said after the mobile phone is confirmed from the electricity supplier delivery warehouse, but why on the identification code the inconsistency problem, not to explain.

in order to be able to successfully return, Mr. Zhang will be sent to the mobile phone brand service center testing.

"our mobile phone number is A00000", but the mobile phone number is "A10000" to check the serial number in the library system inside of us." The day before yesterday, the customer service service center staff said after the test, the mobile phone and the genuine appearance almost feel, but as like as two peas, mobile phone boot screen, screen resolution and the difference is very big, the battery is false, can.

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