GG K was the first expert cheat account can also reopen

the name of the king or we are very strange, but cheating GG friends should be no stranger to him, I am also through an article he wrote to know him. With that he applied for more than and 100 accounts for cheating on the success rate of around 50%, recently heard that he has a K account, but after a week of time, GG gave him the reopening, screenshots:


re opened mail:


Wang said GG related policy has begun to change the local, audit accounts first through the machine, machine that you have suspected of cheating will K your account, and then automatically send a letter of what gives advertisers a huge risk, to close the account mail to you this is the machine automatically issued but GG began to humanity. To avoid the error of K, so I joined the manual review, as long as the data is consistent with common sense, we can live off the artificial.

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