The 08 Olympic Games related to the domain name rights to the Olympic Organizing Committee all regis

Announced Olympic mascot created the "five Fuwa" domain name registered by the wind. For this particular resource problems of how to protect the China, domain name registration authority Chinese Internet Network Information Center clear: Beijing Olympic Games related domain name rights to the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee, the relevant domain name registered by the agency in two weeks off. (Ding Guoyuan)

The domain name "

it is reported that the domain name "Beibei Chinese." "Beibei. Chinese", "Fuwa Beibei.Cn" and ".Cn Beibei" and "Yingying. China", "Fuwa Yingying.Cn" by Fuzhou Airlines Feng Footwear Company Limited Chen Yanlin in November 13th registered 1 years.

Internet domain name "Fuwa Jingjing. Chinese" and "Fuwa Jingjing.Cn" domain name ". Chinese, Huanhuan, Huanhuan, Huanhuan. Chinese".Cn "and".Cn "Fuwa Huanhuan, Fuwa Nini. Chinese", "Fuwa Nini.Cn" is Dalian city Jinzhou Huai flower monosodium glutamate factory Yan Shufeng registered 10 years.

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