Discussion on how to use medical website YY to do marketing

YY is a free software, often go to play on the YY friends will find YY now has become a marketing platform, some SEO training institutions using YY platform teaching, in fact, to promote their services. Not only is the SEO industry, I think other industries can also be done on the YY marketing, such as medical website. The medical industry is very competitive in the industry, so many of the medical industry had to do Baidu bidding, because those keywords competition is too intense, want to use SEO to get a lot of traffic, to tell the truth more difficult. Medical site operators are also trying other ways to promote, and YY compared with QQ, YY free voice conversation, and do not need what input, very suitable for promotion in the form of some lectures, such as training. In fact, many hospitals will do a number of free seminars such as the promotion of the line, but now the line moved to the line, then the specific how to operate?

first: sorting, collecting potential users contact information

medical website usually there are certainly a lot of patients consult online doctor, these patients are potential users of the site, the key is in consultation with the requirements of users leave a contact, can be QQ number, email, mobile phone number, may this step is not so easy. But I think that can explain to the user, for example: recently the station will host a YY online exchange, and welcome to have small gifts, can also give lectures to YY users some preferential. In addition to the user data collected from his official website, also can collect more information from potential users of other platforms, but the easiest way is to collect the available data, previous medical must have large numbers of patients, including patients with contact. In fact, such activities are beneficial to patients and hospitals, the hospital can be used to promote their own, patients can learn more information about the disease, learn how to do a good job of prevention.

second: activities should be targeted, pay attention to listen to the voices of patients

There are too many kinds of

disease, there is no way to cover all, so the activities should be targeted, but also to determine a theme. For example: stay away from diabetes, teach you how to live a healthy life, so for patients with diabetes to carry out a YY online patient exchange, the advantage of the network is convenient, and no geographical restrictions. If it is the activities of the line, I am afraid that only the city’s patients can come to listen to, and other places to listen to the patient is too inconvenient. It is worth noting that such activities to listen to the voice of the patient, careful to help the patient to answer the problem, but can not become a teacher training in lectures. As the saying goes, healers parents heart, a medical treatment in addition to advanced equipment, medical ethics is also very important, the only way to patients trust doctors or hospitals, of course in the conversation by recommendation of the official website of the hospital, to encourage everyone to use online consulting services on the site, this also greatly facilitate the patients consulting, at the same time but also reduce the pressure of the hospital.


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