Tencent business through small time to run 100 billion

core tip: this time you come to me, means that the two top Chinese Internet Co will face more direct and intense competition in the future." An Internet industry insiders said, social networking, payment, electricity providers and other components of the O2O is likely to be the next battlefield."

in 19 billion 100 million motohi sales last year under the stimulation of "double 11" on the eve of this year, the entire electricity supplier industry once again broke out.

in addition to the various businesses, the tension to prepare for the express, Tencent, Jingdong and other electronic business platform is also trying to cut and". On October 17th, Tencent announced that since the beginning of the electricity supplier, launched a 5 day "berserk festival in October 20th, and is expected to be fixed, as Taobao become" double 11 "and" Jingdong 6· 18 "three online shopping festival.

however, the Tencent for the electricity supplier, in the "surface behind the hustle and bustle of the 1020 berserk Festival, to determine their ability to catch up from behind in Chinese electricity supplier industry, is the integration of the internal rhythm between multiple business sectors. The general manager of Tencent business department Hou Yanping told reporters, after the end of the big promotion, QQ online shopping will be more than 1 million items (SKU) through the "unified distribution (hereinafter referred to as the fit)" mode access easy fast network, in order to accelerate business integration between proprietary and open platform business Tencent.

Tencent business since July 2012 to set up independent in structure adjustment in the holding company, self mode easy fast network has been responsible for setting up the quality benchmark functions, and therefore in warehousing and logistics, customer service and other aspects of generous investment, but another proposition which is business volume size — how to grow up as soon as possible and Tencent the parent company of one hundred billion U.S. dollars market value to match the


proprietary and open tangled

proprietary business and open platform have their pros and cons." In October 17th, Hou Yanping in an interview with reporters that the characteristics of self mode is the largest of the goods, delivery, price, service and other aspects are controllable, but the short board is due to self collected from buy on inventory requirements, will limit the size, and the gross margin will be hit, "Mason’s proprietary business, until now or loss"; open platform on the contrary, this model can quickly make large scale, but the links are relatively controllable, such as may be out of stock, all businesses within the platform service standards are uneven.

Tencent Business Assistant General Manager Song Yang said, last year the electricity holding company, proprietary and open platform has been established and strategy of Tencent of the electricity supplier, but this integration can not be achieved, if the pursuit of speed, open business platform can overnight and into the fast and easy network, but it will bring a series of problems".

is a business in a number of electronic business platform of Shenzhen seller told reporters that suning.com is a typical example of this, in the past one or two years, due to the one-sided pursuit of scale, the platform in the back of the user experience, user rate and other aspects are not satisfactory.

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