Afei0810 local shopping website building strategy

Chinese Internet market by a number of people eroticism websites do not like CNNIC, but the so-called renovation will also stir up sediment in the bottom of the mud, hurt most of the grassroots webmaster. CNNIC also claim to boast without shame stopped many bad sites of how many, I can not help but ask a sentence: if you can do it early, what have you been doing? Is implicated in the grassroots webmaster has many retired heart, I advise you don’t have to be so here, can also find another way. Now tell us a way to engage in local online shopping.

in recent years, China’s online shopping we can know, believe your webmaster can have online shopping experience, all kinds of statistics was not poor, the country has so many Internet users, the annual turnover amount how many billion yuan, how much proportion of the Internet crowd network shopping experience…… In short, the online price is always attracting consumers and users of the internet. However, the limitations of online shopping is also reflected. Engage in local online shopping for other online shopping has the following advantages: the transaction time is short; there is no logistics problems; shoppers can decide whether to pay after the inspection.

for the above advantages, I think the personal webmaster can start from the following aspects:

a, looking for a good source. The quality needs to be guaranteed, otherwise the shopper is not satisfied with the goods during the inspection, your time and energy are wasted. You can choose one or several large profits, the market space of large products. Looking for goods is nothing more than to find online, or simply do a certain brand of online sales. At the time of purchase must be negotiated and your purchase details, including delivery time and price, defective products, the problem of return and so on, the best there is a paper or electronic version of the contract.

two, domain name and space selection. The best selection of foreign space and domain name, so at home should have a record of the problem. I believe most of the small and medium-sized webmaster No 1 million to engage in e-commerce record.

three, website promotion problems. The localization of promotion methods much more simply no way: you must have their own relatives and friends; you must have Internet cafes nearby; must have a local website; it is not also distribute leaflets, these methods are simple and effective, inexpensive, good results.

four, pricing issues. The goods you sell to a competitive price, in addition to quality, also is the key product in Taobao than similar products is slightly more expensive, the reason is that in your shopping website does not exist the problem of mail order. It is better to have the quality and price of your product, and you will feel that you will buy it, so that it will be smooth in the transaction.

five, logistics issues. Early can do their own logistics, agreed to meet the time and buyers to trade, when you have a large sales volume and then consider the use of city express or their own delivery.

six, after sales problems. Don’t let it become a problem unless you buy a product of a service class

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