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Ali Department website should be regarded as the first domestic SEO (search engine optimization) website. Alibaba is considered to be one of the first to establish a large team SEO site. For the attention of SEO, but also makes Ali Department of the site early in the Google and Baidu invested a lot of advertising. After all, the Internet e-commerce website is a flow into a tool of the trade, especially in the early development of the website, the flow of import value is the most basic means of marketing, search engine just to meet such conditions, because when the user for a commodity retrieval time, inadvertently to the search engine into some intention, than the pure image advertising is more effective and easier to generate orders. This period of time is regarded as the honeymoon period of search engine and shopping website.

Although there are other reasons

Alibaba and Chinese YAHOO engagement, but Ma should be considered as one of the reasons for the importance of search engines. But gehangrugeshan, good at business e-commerce website Ma after all not engaged in 3721 Chinese real name Zhou Hongyi management Chinese YAHOO as well. After all, YAHOO did not become the headquarters of the Russian Department of the site behind, but its decline. Baidu coveted for shopping sites, was born with such a website, naturally makes Ali’s website from the user into an opponent. So Taobao determined to refuse the Baidu spider for Taobao web page included.

rejected Baidu’s Taobao, but did not reject Google. So Google’s shopping search is elegant and decent. For the shopping website, search engines are not involved in muddy water into the free flow. For the vertical or small shopping sites, search engines will outweigh the costs. But for such a site Taobao, one of the search engines involved in the destruction of some of the business model has been obtained, because the rankings in the station itself even if it is not in the future is also a marketable commodity. And there were hukouduoshi suspects for the entrance of the competition, if the price goods in user habits on the search engine and then entered into a specific shopping site to buy, such habits should not be good. But the search engine for the shopping website like a drug to get rid of, because today, from eBay maverick to Taobao, eBay’s Ssangyong will now and then to a Jingdong for example, where such vertical sites, and excellence and Dangdang such B2C predators, refused to search engine is a search engine for free import the flow is less than the competition. Whether it is the geometry of the business model, whether it is B2C or C2C, the user is a shopping site, the search engine is more involved in the business model is diluted.

search engine in a sense of kidnapping of electronic media, this may be the shopping site hijacked. However, for the user to choose a more convenient and parity tools.

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