Setsurei sheet become fashionable environmental decoration story

but with the era of environmental protection, people of home decoration and renovation of housing requirements, some high pollution Home Furnishing decoration materials has been gradually withdraw from the stage, and the bamboo wood decorative decoration materials as the new darling of Home Furnishing. Wood flooring, bamboo flooring, wooden ceiling and natural beauty of rich natural materials, is elegant, so the market demand is also growing, but also because of this, many factories use adhesives, curing agent, waterproofing agent and other chemical raw materials in the processing process, the plate production of furniture, will be released formaldehyde harmful substances. So consumers should be very careful in the choice. According to the reporter learned that, in the bamboo wood plate selection, low formaldehyde content high coefficient of safety and environmental protection of Jiangxi snow Ling plate to become the new darling, loved by the citizens, become fashionable green decoration now.

reporter in Nanjing Jinsheng building materials market to understand, monopoly bamboo wooden plank shops in many varieties, but some stately paved a superb collection of beautiful things, though, but a deserted house, some pavement although not so much, but business is booming, the sign Home Furnishing fashion decoration materials – setsurei plate. The reporter asked why Mr. Wang to buy building materials to choose setsurei plate, Mr. Wang said it was his neighbors, the district where they have chosen such a lot of decoration materials, because of its good quality, less pollution, more environmentally friendly and beautiful.

home decoration is not only beautiful, but also the key to health, fashion and environmental protection has become the core concept of home decoration. The newly renovated indoor air pollutants exceeded reports, we are very concerned about the issue of environmental protection in the decoration." Snow ridge sheet salesman Li introduced. The reason why the snow ridge plate is so popular, because its design in line with the concept of low-carbon environmental protection. Setsurei plate is over ten years old brand, open the market to real products. In order to meet the requirements of environmental protection, the company has achieved the lowest amount of formaldehyde emission, which makes it the leading in the ranks of the sheet metal."

careful consumers will find snow ridge plate decoration is not only environmentally friendly, smell the smallest, but also very elegant and beautiful. In particular, the bamboo plate. Snow Ling bamboo floor good thermal conductivity, cool and tensile strength, high compressive strength, strong stability. Natural bamboo texture and color is not any wood, texture transparent, delicate home decoration will be warm and elegant. Bamboo, which is also an important factor in consumer choice snow ridge plate.

elegant cafe, stylish rooms, spacious office can choose such a fashion as the era of environmental protection environmental protection material, added many style. Setsurei person in charge of the company’s commitment: snow ridge’s physical and mental health of the majority of consumers will be responsible, as in the past the production of high quality products to meet consumer demand, and will continue to improve the products, create more brilliant.

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