When parenting website encounters SNS


of the popularization of the computer and SNS platform and products, make small new life in the womb has the opportunity to participate in social life, which also spawned a lot of "child care" and "SNS" mode of the website, but the traditional maternal parenting websites have begun the transition.

said that the baby online social networking refers to the knowledge of parents to guide or transfer, that is, parents in their daily lives may have been conscious of the child into the social network. For example, you enter a number of professional parenting sites to find the experience of sharing parenting, you are using a blog to record the child’s growth. When the children grow up can use a computer, you will put the record growth blog turned to him, it can complete the initial handover, your child may be so interested in starting your own blog on the Internet, started their own record their life and communicate with others, which led to the start of social networking.

for parenting experience, I used to think that is the most authoritative experts, but now it seems that this idea is a bit old-fashioned. At present, including childcare fetal education stage basically is the use of experience sharing to practice, so the right to speak should be someone who is experienced children child rearing parents, their experience should be said to be the most representative and practical.

why parents now pay much attention to "fetal education", this is mainly because the new parents expect their children after birth can have spiritual and basic innate, can quickly integrate into the society, more smooth communication with people. The birth of the parenting website is to grasp this point, to let more people or parenting experience can enrich fetal education and share.

here is worth mentioning is that Parenting Network (www.yuer.com.cn) to today is not only to share, its role by users sharing platform into education service platform, and move to a more close to the life line of synchronous development, can use this channel for related products with when manufacturers provide a more comprehensive and efficient marketing methods, in order to find new profit model. Parenting Network believes that parenting is the core of social interaction, and the user’s first demand is education, the two key points to highlight the value of the platform in order to allow users to harvest their needs. The origin of communication is the communication between people, no matter what kind of communication may contribute to social, children are no exception.

with the continuous improvement of social networking sites at different ages, the new generation of social skills will also be improved. Especially of children through stage guidance, everyone can benefit from it, including the training of your child’s social skills, stimulate his social desire, the children into the reality of social life is also a great help. The knowledge that these children are taught to come from is a good educational resource center.

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