Discuss the difference between Taobao and Taobao

In the previous article introduces what is the two-way Taobao guest, certainly a lot of people will doubt Taobao and Taobao customer site two-way off what is different? They are not the same? This article is mainly to discuss with everyone.   I want to discuss from the two aspects:   1 participants personally   the construction cost:   two-way Taobao customers: according to the agent, you only need to give him 300 yuan fee, you can get a rebate mall, later without any fee.   Taobao website guest: do you need to buy their own domain name, space, the general cost between 100 to 300, and every year, to renew the domain name space.     the selection of products: Taobao guest: you don’t need two-way choice, it is a unified store mode, products are automatically transferred, everyone in the mall are the same, broad coverage.  : site Taobao guest: you need to choose your own high commission products for promotion, product type is relatively simple.   promotion way:   two-way Taobao guest: General QQ group, BBS, Taobao commodity reviews and other promotion more, method is hard, the effect is not very good.  : site Taobao guest: the use of SEO promotion, from Baidu to obtain directional flow, the effect of immediate.     the promotion of content: two-way Taobao customer: due to the type of the goods covered more, not good for product promotion, promotion of its content is only the site itself.  : site Taobao guest: its product type is relatively simple, more to use SEO to optimize the commodity related words to promote products.   the promotion link:   G: according to Taobao two-way agency can set the background of your PID, you can also use the system of PID, we can think of the reliability. I think I understand.  : site Taobao guest: apply for personal promotion link in Taobao alliance.   the promotion of difficulty:   two-way Taobao G: from promotion of speaking, relatively hard, is likely to be a thankless task, to combat promotion enthusiasm; promotion from the perspective of content, the content of two small, low competitiveness. Each rebate network is that people, why not buy in Amoy, to buy on your site? Customer: Taobao   website promotion from the way of speaking, early relatively hard, but the promotion is in accordance with the plan, each department will have what effect, marketing managers are well aware, after the the rankings do go up, after the stage can realize passive income, do not need to do too much promotion; promotion from the perspective of content, as long as the Baidu relevant search volume source is a matter of time.     source of income: the two-way amoy!

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