Brush form industrialization why difficult governance

review: "before" by the seller in his false trading brush on the sales charts of the news, not only blow to consumer confidence, but also to the electricity supplier credit to bring the shadow.


annual "double eleven" "shuangshier" "Christmas Day" "new year", is the electricity supplier Carnival feast. Only in 2014, double eleven, Alibaba to 57 billion 100 million yuan refresh the highest online retail sales within a single company within 24 hours of the world Guinness record. However, the media exposed the sellers in the pre holiday "through his false trading brush on the sales charts of the news, not only blow to consumer confidence, but also to the electricity supplier credit to bring the shadow.

the seller through "buy space to sell" the number of brush high transaction improve credit behavior is commonly known as the "credit speculation", namely "fried letter". This kind of behavior in the Alibaba issued the "Tmall" in the rules have been identified as "false trading", namely commodity sales, store ratings, credit score and improper benefits through improper means, impairing the interests of buyers such as false trading behavior.

now, this brush is no longer limited to the seller himself. A large number of single brush third party emerged, the industry said they were professional speculation". After years of development, professional speculation letter has formed an industrial chain, they increase the amount of credit for the seller, has become a symbol of the electricity supplier is not good faith. Fried letter mission usually organized a group of buyers by imitating the real buyers behavior: search, view, talk, take goods, payment, receipt, praise, take business products to clinch a deal the price is normal, and then sent by the merchant "empty package" to fry the letter, to complete a false transaction. The seller will not only return the amount of payment by the Buyer under the line, but also to pay the amount of goods ranging from 3% to 10% commission. Although the Alibaba to solve this problem costs a lot of manpower and material resources, but the problem is still facing the legal dilemma.

brush single letter why the formation of industrial

24 year old Tian Feng (a pseudonym) in 2013 on Taobao opened its first shop, had been ambitious but realistic ruthless blow. Because of the multitude of sellers, his product has no outstanding advantages. In order to improve visibility, he began to search online to improve the method of online store sales, soon after, fried letter into his line of sight. Initially, Tiandu Feng tried to log on to a professional fried letter site, the site known as the three day of the brush drill three, wearing a crown in January". After paying hundreds of dollars in service fees, Tian Feng’s shop sales data to go up, his business has begun to pick up. But his behavior was Taobao background good times don’t last long, noticed, and was identified as "false trading", Taobao also points.

Alibaba Security Department official said, before the letter is to promote the promotion of the credit level, the store level from a star into diamond, crown, the higher the level of credit, consumers will be recognized. At the end of 2006, Taobao began to increase sales

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