Vintage 2012 is the electricity supplier in winter

seems to have become a target for all night, the electricity supplier. There are electricity supplier entrepreneurs jumped out of regret in the wrong line, investors have to stand out to complain that this is a passing fancy trick, of course, the media follow-up and investigation. For a person, the greatest danger is not a serious illness, but dare not face. The same is true of an industry.

whether it is "electric bubble theory" or "electric winter", although the words sharp, but reflect has existed for a long time, it has long been wrapped a series of problems in this industry: B2C does not make money, why can be VC crazy sought after? What is wrong entrepreneurs or investors wrong? This wave as the representative of the electricity supplier to the customer, in the pursuit of speed and passion, whether lost? And more importantly, in group purchase, which may become a new electricity supplier in the field of "troublemakers"



              feel the winter?

              age: 2012 if not the end of the world, is the electricity supplier of winter, but this is where the biggest opportunity. Winter is the best investment period, you see the Chinese Internet Baidu and Tencent, they are rapidly expanding in the financial crisis. Cattle companies are winter up.

in the long run, I think the electronic commerce situation just opened, drama has not started. We don’t jump to conclusions, because ten years ago, when I was working with ray, we thought we were at the top of the model. In fact, eleven years later, we look back, we were tangled in the book or sell audio and video products this is a very stupid question.

              what is the most important at this stage?

                  age: cash is not the most important, the most important is the repeat purchase rate of growth and business users. Should be most concerned about the user and the product. Only users and products can bring you income, talent and capital. Every time investors come in, see where the solid rapid development and expansion of product lines, as well as a large number of users to buy two.

due to focus on the user experience, especially the wind up service, where the customer is the two purchase above 80%. Because we return the set of links of the cost more than doubled, but the user truly used two times to buy back and forth.

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