Alipay fell 3 billion to buy Ali electricity supplier business rooted in financial circles

investor news reporter Wu Peifeng

recently, the Shanghai Lujiazui financial and Trade Zone Development Company announced that the Alibaba and Alipay company has signed a contract to purchase the company’s "Pudong Financial Plaza" project office building No. 2, the transaction price of 3 billion yuan.


just in May 11th to get the funds to pay the license, and almost at the same time, boshijijin high-profile announced the opening of Alipay payment channels, has become the first to introduce Alipay channels in the direct online transactions of the fund company, and then in the financial center of the lot buy, shows the pace of Alipay to enter the financial industry urgently.

Alipay PR stakeholders in an "investor" interview with reporters, because of their expanding business and personnel, more than six hundred or seven hundred people before the Shanghai team, mainly engaged in technology development and financial aspects of the business negotiation.

Analysys International analyst Zhang Meng told the "investor" interview that Alipay chose to buy property in Lujiazui in addition to cause the company’s expansion, Shanghai is the financial center, gathered a number of banks, funds, insurance company headquarters, and Alipay need to cooperate with these institutions, such as banks and there are many channels of cooperation. In addition, in the future financial products, Alipay is also a great development space field.

Zhang Meng also mentioned that the Commission launched in October last year, securities investment fund sales management approach, but also shows the trend of liberalization of funds third party payment. According to the management approach, the regulatory authorities have opened the third party fund sales and payment licenses, allowing banks, funds, securities and other financial institutions outside the more involved in the third party.

is in this context, in May 11th, Alipay received the Commission issued the third party fund payment license. And at the same time to obtain such a license, as well as the money to pay through the money and two third party payment company. So far, approved the payment of funds to pay the settlement business has reached 7.

but Zhang Meng said that the overall fund third party payment market is still in its early stages. Bank channel fund sales is still the main. But the bank is aimed at its own users, the user can not provide relevant services to his line, and the third party payment is no such limitations. In addition, the rate will be certain concessions, such as the purchase of Alipay Bo’s fund, can enjoy sixty percent off preferential purchase rates.

in the short term, two or three years, the bank is the main channel for fund sales." Analysts on the investor news reporter said. Fund net sales market is not large enough to have been paid enough, the account system is not mature and other issues related to. Data show that as of now, the domestic fund market online sales accounted for the proportion of the total amount of less than 10%, and in the absence of similar payment link obstacles of the United States and Europe, the fund online sales accounted for more than 30% years at least.

industry is expected, with the domestic payment into the faucet, the fund is expected to usher in the outbreak of online sales >

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