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I world network operators to achieve rapid development of fresh electricity supplier must have five strategic capabilities: first, selection of purchasing capacity of fresh products; second, cold chain logistics and distribution capacity; third, cooking guidance and service ability; fourth, users of high delicacy consumer stickiness; fifth, multi screen terminal linkage ability. In front of the inherent problems, fresh electricity providers have five possibilities: first, the vertical category; second, the feelings of natural life; the value of the lock, the crowd of third, fourth, community life; content oriented.

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in recent years, fresh electricity has always been known as "the last piece of blue ocean electricity supplier development, many capital have entered the fresh electricity supplier industry, or investment projects or pay attention to fresh, cold chain logistics, and also by the brand fresh cold chain distribution difficulties, food product homogeneity serious, the price war fierce promotion industry of problem; in front of the fresh electricity, there are five feasible road, and has a successful and typical practice, deeply worthy of our reference.

rapid development of fresh electricity supplier must have five strategic capabilities

The strategic advantage

fresh electricity supplier development, with its management of fresh business resource accumulation, precipitation ability with its continuous operation "fresh value chain", fresh electricity providers generally have accumulated operation fresh electricity supplier industry chain resources ability, an important basis for the sustainable development of the latter is fresh to the rapid development of; must have five important strategic resources:

a heavy capacity: fresh product selection purchasing capacity

fresh electricity experienced many years of development, the fruits and vegetables, sea cucumber and other agricultural products identification, classification ability has outstanding ability for purchasing agricultural products, all kinds of fresh ingredients are quite familiar with, for the season, pesticides and other agricultural products can have influence on general judgments, which is the basis for the growth of fresh electricity also, the rapid development of a major strategic capability necessary.

dual capacity: cold chain logistics distribution capacity

we often say "cold chain logistics" last kilometer for fresh electricity providers is a "nightmare", on their terms, wants to obtain long-term development, must have independent cold chain logistics team, or their own construction, or the introduction of "Crowdsourcing logistics", or "the introduction of fresh community distribution resources. Really make up the short board of their own development.

three ability: cooking instruction and service ability

products are all fresh agricultural products, it is eventually used to eat, "delicacy" is the ultimate consumption path of fresh electricity, strengthen the delicacy cooking guidance ability, strengthen the service ability of delicacy, delicacy of consumer selection of food and cooking to give the necessary guidance is important for fresh electricity providers, is also a must, it is fresh the rapid development of the electricity supplier of the need to focus on strengthening the strategic ability.

four heavy capacity: user high food consumption sticky

gourmet user is fresh electricity supplier >

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