The seven round of financing after the listing of the customer and hope

such as VANCL, financing the seven round not listed companies are too rare. Today, many Internet Co tend to melt in the case of the C round ready to go on the market, the valuation is often turned round ten times, in the Internet industry, what is the money?

the influx of hot money, untold wealth all seem to stampede in economic law, was broken. No matter what you are engaged in the industry, no matter what you are before, even if you are just a student, have been chasing wealth into the Internet industry.

entrepreneurs who developed a APP, it is worth tens of millions of valuations, trance back in 2000, a daily average of dozens of IP sites can shout out a million quotes. Compared to before, in the field of mobile Internet, burn faster and faster, often see some just into the tens of millions of dollars in start-ups before two months because not enough money down.

However, the

has not been a loser, enter the Internet industry this group of entrepreneurs, they think you are the most intelligent, the failure of others, because the correct method is not found, or not smart enough.

the year where passengers are immersed in their own dreams, where tens of millions of T-shirts sold in 2010, sales reached 3 billion 800 million yuan, can be seen everywhere, Han Han Wang Luodan’s advertising, then every guest crazy expansion, the expansion of the category, access to the V+ platform, the staff broken million, to higher marketing costs and so on.

However, the result is

in the crash, share all the way down to the platform of B2C 10,, shop No. 1 catch up from behind. Why we will encounter the situation, where the customer is the top five domestic business platform, get $230 million financing.

why was very influential where customers choose not listed? Think old like Liu Qiangdong, premature.

in 2011, where the customer is ready to be listed, then we completed the sixth round of financing, valuation has more than $3 billion. However, listening to the old investment Soros a lot of advice, Soros believes that the stock market condition was not good, is not the best time to market.

Vintage also have their own plans, promote capital in the crazy, old ambition is also growing, but the old ability to hold his ambition.

from the management perspective, where the top left, many are forced out. According to the all passengers to leave the staff said, in the old people and Chen Tianqiao have a fight, have the ability to stay, the more critical moment, the more fierce infighting.

products strategically, where the first positioning is accurate: vertical, good youth. It is because of accurate positioning, so you can be a fire burning up Han Han, but what is the location where the customer later?

platform, or the brand?

product quality and reputation is way down, where the customer is not Jingdong, Jingdong is a flat.

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