The car free CEO Peng Cheng second hand car business more than one or two survivors

NetEase Francisco second-hand car business capital hot, excellent letter shot, the car is easy to shoot, all cars, car free, get more than $10 million financing, even ho throw $200 million investment in the car market. Many models, companies everywhere, which means that second-hand car electricity supplier competition tragic. So, what the market game player gradually clear, the future survivors can have several? NetEase technology interviewed car free CEO Peng Cheng, he believes that second-hand car electricity market is very large, the future will be more than one or two survivors.

future survivors more than two

used car electricity supplier is regarded as a new blue ocean. 2014, entrepreneurs, capital have flocked to the nearly one trillion tuyere: entrepreneurs fancy this market, hoping to become a leader, as investors, it is hoped to be able to re. So who will be the big market, the market will have a few survivors? Some people say that the market is not small and beautiful, only 1, 2 companies can survive.

this car free CEO Peng Cheng told the NetEase technology reporter in an interview that the second-hand car market is very large, only C2C mode will occupy 20% of the market share, the future survival of the enterprise will be more than one or two. From the U.S. market, second-hand car business platform on a lot of. We may grab the market share of the first. But the most essential thing is to provide users with the best detection, quality assurance, service." Peng Cheng said.

technology for NetEase broke the "see also: brush the volume of second-hand car business secret" chaos, second-hand car business platform brush volume problem. Peng Cheng believes that, although not directly hurt the interests of consumers. But once the brush grew up in the enterprise, the team gene will not change. The retreat of the company will cause harm to the user. Anything from the perspective of the value of the user will not be long-term.


used car business enterprise should start from the inside, from the user perspective. Because the second-hand car is a low-frequency thing, not by speculation. User experience and word of mouth is the most important." Peng Cheng said.

investors should do more research, will fire down.

initiative: to help sell, help buy, help check mode

starting from the user if the car free choice initiative way. According to the car free now distinguish between business: help help buy and sell, for three part inspection. To help sell is to help owners find buyers; help to buy is to help buyers find the car for inspection is the source; through friends or other channels has been introduced to both sides of the car, do not know the condition of the case, to provide testing services.

This kind of mode of

and users to the platform car, car mode, the user can not see on the platform with models of the situation, it is difficult to realize the initiative to find a car. The car is free of active attack mode, allowing users to temporarily unmet needs, active service, looking for matching models for users.

it is understood that the car has just launched "free in March to buy services", March.

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