Liu Qiangdong Jingdong sales in more than three years Suning Gome

NetEase science and technology news May 18th news, Jingdong group held a press conference in Beijing, officially announced the launch of the annual promotion activities – 618 quality carnival". Conference site, Jingdong group CEO Liu Qiangdong and GREE President Dong Mingzhu, HUAWEI consumer BG CEO dialogue. Liu Qiangdong said that the future of Jingdong has three strategies – technology strategy, category strategy and logistics strategy. He also said that Jingdong sales will be more than Gome, Suning, Gome and Suning over the next three years more than the United states.

in terms of technology, Jingdong hopes to meet consumer demand for quality and service through technical innovation to become increasingly demanding. Specifically, including several major projects: unmanned warehouse, unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned vehicles, as well as Jingdong cloud.

category, Jingdong hopes to increase the proportion of electronic products outside the category. As of last year, Jingdong’s live products more than half of GMV, this year, the volume of non live products will be more than live products. "We certainly will not give up electronics, but will also give more resources to support non electrical products." Jingdong in the future will be adjusted through the category, to become a full range of office and life platform.

in terms of logistics, Jingdong will build "three nets". The first is a large household appliances network, the second is a small and medium network, last year began to build a network of third – cold storage, cold chain, warehouse distribution network integration. Jingdong hopes to invest over three years to build a cold chain network covering more than 1000 cities.

Liu Qiangdong also said that Jingdong sales will be more than Gome, Suning, Gome and Suning over the next three years more than the United states.

talked about cooperation with Jingdong, Dong Mingzhu said, Liu Qiangdong moved his place is – he does not talk to you about the conditions, he talked to you about the product, is the service, is your technology." She also said that the artisan spirit is to challenge yourself, you put any product, any one service that is to achieve the ultimate, artisan spirit".

Yu Chengdong believes that the future of consumer goods brand concentration will be further enhanced, the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturers can survive only three. Chinese mobile phone companies will face a reshuffle stage, most mobile phone manufacturers will exit the stage of history. Last year, HUAWEI’s share of the world to do the world’s third, China’s market share to do the first, to support such a development, the most important thing is to be in product quality, product experience, product innovation to be able to force. HUAWEI is based on technology, innovation and investment in research and development, technology innovation known companies, the future will have more new technology, more innovative, more advanced products to consumers. (Allen)

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